Too Much To Lose By Samantha Holt ♥ Book Tour & 3.5 Star Review




TITLE – Too Much to Lose
SERIES – Dirty Little Secrets

AUTHOR – Samantha Holt
GENRE – Contemporary Romance
PUBLICATION DATE – 5th September
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 75000

Sexy young couple playing in love games in a bedroom.


3.5 Paw Stars

I feel this book has a great story plot. The story takes a little while to take off and get in to the thick of the story. I also felt that the story repeated it’s on that background of the main characters. This is a well written book. I loved the description of things from beat sheets to how the room looked, you feel like you are right there see what they are.

Jess is hiding from her pass and Hunter is  trying to keep from losing his. They both have broke pieces to them. They both have a very strong attraction to each other can they find the right road that will bring them to happiness or will what the have crump!


I am looking forward to reading more from Samantha  I think she has a lot of talent.



Have you ever been so desperate you made a decision that would haunt you forever?

Jess has.

She became a porn star.

Jess is on the run from her past. She has no friends, no life. She tries to forget everything that happened to her all those years ago. After changing her image, leaving her home and getting a new job, she’s determined it won’t happen again. If that means never being close to anyone ever again, then so be it.

If only Hunter O’Reilly didn’t make her wish things could be different.

Hunter needs this job. After being screwed over by his partner—make that ex-partner—his investigation business is on the line. Already in debt, he eagerly takes on the job of finding some stolen money at triple his going rate and all leads point in Jess’s direction. He expects problems at that price. But he doesn’t expect to fall for her.

However, no job is ever that simple. When he’s forced to spend more time with her, the lines between business and pleasure are blurred. And once Jess’s life comes under threat, they have to make a decision, can they both overcome Jess’s past?



Too Much To Lose - Teaser 1

Excerpt 1 PG

“If you’re in trouble, I know some people who can help.”
“I’m not in trouble. Really, I’m not. I mean who would want to kill me? I know bankers aren’t exactly popular—” she lets loose a shaky laugh “—but I’m harmless.”
Harmless? Not sure about that. Jess sends my heart racing, makes my skin clammy. She’s driving me insane. Harmless? No way.
“What do you want me to do?” I ask.
“Shall I stick around?”
“Oh. No, you don’t need to do that.”
“I don’t mind.”
“I’m fine. Seriously. Thank you for today. You must be tired and I bet your side hurts.”
It does, but I’m not going to admit to that. “It’s fine.”
“Look about that kiss….”
“That was my fault.”
“I kissed you.”
“You did.” I can’t resist letting my mouth curve upwards. She kissed me, but I don’t know if that’s a bad or a good thing. While my pride basks in it, the voice inside that keeps pulling at my gut wants to scream at her to run while she still can. I’m no good for her. “But I kissed you back,” I point out. “And I should not have been… er… touching you out there.”
She draws her bottom lip between her teeth. “It’s okay.”
Hell, how do those two tiny words send an arrow of need straight to my cock? It’s okay that I was kissing her? Or touching her up? It’s okay that I want her so badly I nearly bent her over my bike to fuck her?
Before I can dwell on it anymore and make an even bigger fool of myself, I get to my feet. “Will you let me stay?”
“I don’t think so. It’s too risky.”
A hard knot forms in my throat. I’m more dangerous to her than a crazed gunman it seems. She might be right. If—when—I find that money, her whole life is going to come crashing down.
“Don’t answer the door to anyone. Be careful. Call me if you need me. In fact, call me tomorrow.” She follows me to the door. “Please?” I add as uncertainty dashes across her face.
Jess opens the door and I step out. “I’ll call you,” she says when I turn to face her.
She rolls her eyes and her mouth curves. “I promise.”
Those lush lips snare my attention and my own smile drops. My skin feels hot and itchy, my pulse urgent. This is insane. I rest an arm against the door frame, my feet still firmly planted on the other side of the threshold and bring my mouth slowly down on hers. She softens but doesn’t touch me. We’re divided by the invisible line between the corridor and her room. I can’t help thinking of it as symbolic. We’re divided by secrets and lies.
Not that any of that matters once our lips connect. I swear I’ve never wanted to kiss a woman so much. Kisses are about the end game. But not with Jess. I want to drown in her kisses, to kiss her all day and see if I ever tire of them. I suspect it’s unlikely.

Happy young couple in love

Character Bios

Please tells us a little bit about the main characters of your book:

Hunter O’Reilly

Originally from Ireland, Hunter came over to the UK as a boy when his mother left his alcoholic father. Determined and intelligent, he will do all he can to prove he’s nothing like that man who abandoned them. After being screwed over by his business partner, his private investigation company is sinking and he’s about to lose everything. Which is where Jessica Callahan comes in…

Jessica Callahan

Jess has just scored a decent job working in a bank after two years of studying hard and working for crappy tips in a London Irish bar. No one has figured out who she is since moving to London and she hopes to keep it that way. Finally her life is coming together. After running away for an abusive home and falling into the world of porn, she never wants to go back to that life and she will do all she can to keep it hidden—to the point of keeping anyone and everyone out of her life. Even the gorgeous Hunter O’Reilly can’t be allowed into her life, no matter how hard it is to deny him.





Samantha lives in a small village in England with her gorgeous twin girls and husband who is a trained bodyguard and ex-soldier. She traditionally writes historical romances involving chivalrous knights and hot highlanders, but occasionally dabbles in contemporary romance.





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Love At First Sigh By Elodie Parks ♥ Book Blitz


Love At First Sigh - Tour Banner


TITLE – Love at First Sigh
AUTHOR – Elodie Parkes
GENRE – Contemporary erotic romance
PUBLICATION DATE – August 16, 2014
LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – 45 pages, (two stories within)
PUBLISHER – Hot Ink Press
COVER ARTIST – Elodie Parkes


Love at First Sigh - Book Cover



Two sizzling contemporary romance stories

Handy Hubby Hire
Tired of the maintenance jobs mounting up in her house, Sara hires a handyman. She never dreams someone like Griffen Fox will show up to fix the faucets and back yard gate. Sparks fly, but will they lose their heart to each other?

Pina Colada
When Emma takes a long weekend vacation in a warm beach resort, she meets the very handsome Matt Tyler. They spend an idyllic few days together. Will this only be a holiday romance?



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Love At First Sigh - Teaser


EXCERPT (Exclusive excerpt, not posted before)

From story two, Handy Hubby Hire 18+ rated excerpt

Sara got through the front door before she lost her composure. Smiles wreathed her face. She grasped the business card and looked at the words embossed there. She read it aloud focusing on the name. Griffen Fox, and what a fox he is. He is…gorgeous. What will happen tomorrow? I know what I’d like to happen. Will that be it, he’ll rock up, do the jobs and disappear as if we didn’t have sex, as if we didn’t gaze at each other and want more, want to fuck each other’s brains out all night? She sighed. She sat at her desk and relived his kisses. Her nipples hardened. She pictured his huge, hard cock. Her pussy clenched and drenched her fresh panties. She licked her lips. I wish I was with him now. I want his lips on mine, his hands on my ass. This is probably not good for me. I’ll crave sex again now. Damn it.
Sara remembered the months after Jem left. She missed him, their conversations, their walks, but she missed sex more. She missed the hard shape of a man’s body, the taste of his cum. She missed it badly and she’d craved it until she despaired. There’d been no one else. She didn’t meet men in everyday life.
She went to make more coffee. I’m addicted to this stuff.
That night Sara tossed and turned. She considered masturbating because she needed release, but she knew she longed for a man’s fingers, a man’s mouth on her breasts, preferably Griffen’s. Her own fingers wouldn’t do, not after sex with Griffen. Sometime just before dawn she fell asleep.
She sat bolt upright as the sun streamed in through her bedroom window. The angle of the rays told her it was quite late. She leapt out of bed and checked the time on her cell phone.
Half an hour to shower before Griffen Fox arrived. Her heart started beating faster as she daydreamed about his kiss and his mouth on her skin. She raced to shower and dress.
Her hands shook as she made a cup of coffee. She went to look out of her front windows and watch for his arrival. “Calm the fuck down,” she told herself aloud, but when his truck pulled into her driveway her heart thumped.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 Hot Ink Press All Rights Reserved


Elodie Parkes is a British author writing romance, erotic, contemporary, and often with a twist of mystery, paranormal or suspense. Her books are always steamy — cool stories and hot love scenes.

Elodie lives in Canterbury with her two dogs. She works in an antique emporium by day and writes at night, loving the cloak of silent darkness that descends on the rural countryside around her home.

Elodie writes for, Hot Ink Press, Moon Rose Publishing, Eternal Press, Secret Cravings, Evernight, and Siren Publishing.

She has also released titles as an individual indie author.




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Seal Of My Heart By Sharon Hamilton ♥ Cover Reveal



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TITLE – SEAL of My Heart

SERIES – SEAL Brotherhood #7

AUTHOR – Sharon Hamilton

GENRE – Military Romance, Romantic Suspense

PUBLICATION DATE – July 10, 2014

LENGTH (Pages/# Words) – Full length novel

PUBLISHER – Create Space

COVER ARTIST – Kendra Egert

SEAL - Cover


Kate Morgan is engaged to the most eligible bachelor in Sonoma County, the son of a wealthy wine

family in Healdsburg, California. On a flight to visit her sister in Portland she is seated next to a young

hard-bodied elite soldier who ignites her insides in a strange attraction she cannot deny.

Navy SEAL Tyler Gray plans to spend a weekend home before deploying to North Africa with the rest of

his SEAL Team 3. But the conversation with Kate has him rethinking his future.

The encounter has both of them feeling fate has stepped into their lives and altered their course. Unable

to just say goodbye as lovers, they agree to carry on a correspondence. Kate becomes the girl Tyler

wants to come home to while she is pressured by her family to reconsider her broken marriage plans.

Family secrets are revealed from the past regarding a young Marine and Kate’s mother which brings

both heartache and a sense of clarity as old loves are unearthed. From the grave, a Marine’s love

letters from the past affect the new love between Kate and Tyler in the present. And when Kate’s life is

endangered, will Tyler be the man to save her without sacrificing his own?

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Friday couldn’t come fast enough for Tyler. He boarded the plane from San Diego and in just under two

hours touched down at Schulz International Airport. Kate ran to him as soon as he entered the small

terminal. He dropped his bag and accepted her body slam willingly.

His heart was overjoyed. He’d been heavy with worry she’d call him and postpone their get together,

and he’d have to go out of country without being with her one more time.

Her lips were urgent. She clung to him with fierce need, which was just about the biggest turn-on and

something he hadn’t dared to dream was possible. He felt her need match and melt into his as the

steamy sparks flew and his hands smoothed over her satin skin. Her sweet softness and fresh scent

given up to him so willingly, so utterly compliant made him wish somehow his deployment was over,

that this was the homecoming he’d get when he could finally stay for more than just two nights.

Two little nights! It’s all they had left. He wanted to see everything about where she grew up, meet her

folks. Even take a good look at her asshole of a former fiancé and let him know that he was the man

he’d have to answer to if the guy had any designs on her. Of course, he was all in. And, thank the God of

SEALs, it looked like she wanted him right there next to her as tight as they could get.

“Baby it was way too long. We should just go runaway,” he kissed into her hair at the side of her head.

“We could disappear. Wanna disappear?”

That little giggle as she snuggled under his chin, as her arms came up his back, pulling him into her. Her

fingers migrated to comb through the curls at the top of his spine, stroking and squeezing. Her hard

pubic bone rode his shaft through his jeans. He pressed her there, hurting with need, and then just


“If you weren’t the man I know you to be, Tyler, I’d take you up on it. God I wish I had a few million

stashed away somewhere so we could just do that. But we have this.” She stood on tiptoes and placed

her succulent lips across his.

“And this is pretty damned good, baby.”

“The best.”

With one arm wrapped tight about her waist he practically carried her through the glass doors of the

terminal to the parking lot beyond, slinging his bag over his left shoulder. Her feet barely touched the

floor. She hung onto his shoulders, using her right thigh to gently balance against his hipbone as he

walked. She wasn’t light, but he’d carry her all the way to San Francisco if she’d let him. And heck, he

and his buddies had carried telephone poles up and down the goddamned beach in a full run in combat

boots without hardly breaking a sweat.

She’d started to get out her keys and he swiped them from her, giving her another kiss when she

showed that fresh smile again. He stowed his bag in the hatch and they drove toward the freeway,

heading north.

He found the little town of Healdsburg to be charming, reminding him of some of the villages in the

South of France, or New England where shops surrounded a lawn square complete with a gazebo and

park benches. The square was a gathering place, and he noted the foot traffic was so thick, maneuvering

the car to make a right turn as she had instructed, was tricky.

They drove down a wide street with grand houses, most of them early California or large bungalow

style. At a light green mansion, she ordered him to turn right and pointed around the corner to the back

of the property, where he located a lemon yellow cottage.

“Nice, Kate. Love it.”

“Thank you.” She said bashfully. He could see she was thinking about what they’d be doing just as soon

as he got them properly naked. He liked that she was shy, that her cheeks had that just-kissed blush on

her fair peachy skin. She stole little glances at him which set his insides on fire. He’d never wanted a

woman more.

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Sharon Hamilton

Sharon’s award-winning almost-erotic Navy SEAL stories of the SEAL Brotherhood, have consistently

made best sellers lists and review sites. Her characters follow a spicy road to redemption through

passion and true love. Her SEAL Brotherhood Series continues with books 5, 6 and 7 all releasing this

year, as well as audio versions currently completed for the first four of the series. She has been an

Amazon top 100 author in Romantic Suspense since last fall.

Her Golden Vampires of Tuscany are not like any vamps you’ve read before, since they don’t have to

go to ground and can walk around in the full light of the sun. Honeymoon Bite, Book 1 of the Golden

Vampires of Tuscany Series was recently named the #1 Gothic Romance by Amazon. It is now available

on Audible.

Her Guardian Angels struggle with the human charges they are sent to save, often escaping their vanilla

world of Heaven for the brief human one. You won’t find any of these beings in any Sunday school


She lives in Sonoma County, California with her husband, and two Dobermans. A lifelong organic

gardener, when she’s not writing, she’s getting vera vera dirty in the mud, or wandering Farmer’s

Markets looking for new Heirloom varieties of vegetables and flowers..

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