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The Tribe
The Tribe
The Tribe Series, Book 1
Sarah Cass


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Nirvelli is determined to wipe out any bit of happiness she has. Her life in the Tribe might have been ideal once upon a time—but three years ago one rebellious act ruined everything. Now she only wants out. Can she escape without destroying everyone she loves?

Kane has lived for over three hundred years with his companion Spirit Wolf. He’s known love. He’s known hate. Never has he run across a woman like Velli. Never has his Wolf cared one way or another whom he bedded or loved.

Until her. The Wolf has declared her his mate. Can Kane say the same? If he finally admits it, will his Healing magic be enough to save the deeply wounded Nirvelli?

A broken law leads to great tragedy, and their separation. Velli finds new levels of danger and loss on her own. Kane struggles to find her, but he may already be too late.

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Velli leaned out the window, following the rustle of trees toward the parking lot three houses away. “Someone is here!”

“Silver Fox said we were expecting a Tribe member home. Perhaps that is him. Don’t you worry, your Chief will greet him.” Elu chuckled. “My husband is looking forward to meeting this Tribe member.”

“Is that the Healer?” The butterflies that had been absent sprang to life. Something new; something different. Now that she could get excited about. “The one that has been in the States in their military? Isn’t he the oldest living Shifter? Like over two hundred years old or something?”

“Yes. I believe that’s him. Kane was his original name, I’m not sure if he’ll be using that. He and his mate wished to return to a Tribal home.” Snowbird kept her curiosity restrained, but her head did pop out the window to look toward the parking lot.

“His mate. Melik said she was a descendant of the extinct Asian Tribe. That’s something totally unique – alongside the uniqueness of a Healer? I have to see that!”

“Nirvelli.” Snowbird might have been shaking her head, but her smile belied the amusement she contained. “You have a party downstairs. For your wedding.”

“I’ve never been into that girly stuff, Mother. Please?” Velli clasped her hand. “Nothing new or exciting ever happens here. I just want to see what a two hundred year old man and a descendant of the Asian Tribe look like. I won’t be long. Please.”

“Oh let her go.” Elu’s soft laughter filled the moment of hesitation. “If we were her age we’d be doing the same thing. We’ve just learned patience in our old age.”

The moment Snowbird nodded Velli leapt out the window. After an instinctive dip into her water magic a pillow of condensed water formed beneath her feet in order to carry her to the ground.

The lands of the Tribe held only one modernized entrance—well secluded and hidden—that allowed cars to enter. Only those invited or that held magic could find it and enter without difficulty.

The Tribe had a burning need to keep their true numbers secretive for the world not to know that Shifters were real and sheltered right here. Still they relied on the modern world for minor conveniences, such as food when their stores were low. It was the only reason the entrance existed. Otherwise the Elders would be happy to seal off the lands to outsiders completely.

By the time Velli had reached the last house between her home and the parking lot, she’d already spotted the cluster of Warriors around the arrivals. Even though she couldn’t be called shy, something made her hold back. Lingering behind the house, she decided to observe the pair rather than seek interaction.

After all, they were already surrounded and being peppered with conversation from Chief Silver Fox and her own father, Black Feather. As the Warriors started to retreat she caught her first real glimpse of the new arrivals.

Before she could truly appreciate any appearances, the Wolf that was her companion Spirit rushed forward. Eager yipping entered her mind so fast she had to close her eyes to force back the attempt to Shift.

She didn’t understand her Wolf’s eagerness, even if the man was a sight to see for one supposed to be over two hundred years old. Once the Wolf eased up, she decided to get a better look.

After mentally telling her Wolf to stay back she opened her eyes. Hoping to keep her companion Spirit at bay for a while longer she started with Kane’s feet.

Heavy black boots, she had no doubt were steel toe. Black jeans crept up along his calves, hugged tight to well-defined thighs. The black leather belt was just a speed bump on the way to his abs.

Even through his black shirt she could see the carved lines of his abs. His arms were folded across his chest, bare and just as well muscled as the rest of him.


Each muscle was carefully sculpted to perfection. His chest was rock hard. Shoulders so broad.

A rough growl reached her ears, and she realized it had come from her own lips. She cleared her throat and tried to push back her Wolf. Never had her Wolf cared about her obsession with men.

Velli skipped right over his face to his head, studying the thick head of black hair cut short in the style of the military. No, two hundred years hadn’t even thinned one hair on his head.

His strong jawline was dirty with just a bit of stubble – a rarity among the Tribe – facial hair and body hair were all but non-existent. Her fingers twitched with an unexpected urge to feel the rough stubble.

Then his eyes consumed her. Strong amber-brown intensity met hers with unabashed fire. He’d seen her studying him. Yet it didn’t appear to slow him down. Small movements of his body, the words formed in conversation drawing her attention to the smooth movements of his sensual lips.

The urge to Shift pressed at the back of her eyes until she had to look away. To gather herself. She needed a distraction. His companion, his mate. The descendant of the Asian Tribe. That would have to do. To remember that he had a mate. To see what she looked like.

The woman’s flaming red hair shone so bright for a moment Velli suspected dye. If this woman were a Shifter though, no hair color would ever hold. Beneath the bright flash of red sat creamy white skin the palest Velli had ever seen.

How could this woman be a descendant of the Asian Tribe?

One glimpse of her eyes and Velli saw it. The slight tilt in a stunning and shocking emerald green. With a blink they turned yellow and cat-like before reverting back green. At her temples sat three pure white strands of thick hair that looked just like whiskers.


Her skin tingled and she drew her eyes back to see Kane giving her the same perusal she had granted him. When his eyes locked onto hers again, a shiver ran down her spine. In the back of her head the Wolf growled out, Mine.

“Oh no,” she whispered to herself. “This one is not for us. We’re just looking.”

Sarah Cass
About the Author

Sarah Cass’ world is regularly turned upside down by her three special needs kids and loving mate, so she breaks genre barriers; dabbling in horror, straight fiction and urban fantasy.  She loves historicals and romance, and characters who are real and flawed, so she writes to understand what makes her fictional people tick.  And she lives for a happy ending – eventually. And enough twists to make it look like she enjoys her title of Queen of Trauma Drama a little too much.

An ADD tendency leaves her with a variety of interests that include singing, dancing, crafting, cooking, and being a photographer. She fights through the struggles of the day, knowing the battles are her crucible; she may emerge scarred, but always stronger.  The rhythms to her activities drive her words forward, pushing her through the labyrinths of the heart and the nightmares of the mind, driving her to find resolutions to her characters’ problems.

While busy creating worlds and characters as real to her as her own family, she leads an active online life with her blog, Redefining Perfect, which gives a real and sometimes raw glimpse into her life and art.  You can most often find her popping out her 140 characters in Twitter speak, and on Facebook.

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Family Blood Ties Series By Dale Mayer ♥ Promo Blitz



Vampire In Denial

Vampire in Denial

Book 1

Family Blood Ties 

Blood doesn’t just make her who she is…it also makes her what she is.

Like being a sixteen-year-old vampire isn’t hard enough, Tessa’s throwback human genes make her an outcast among her relatives. But try as she might, she can’t get a handle on the vampire lifestyle and all the…blood.

Turning her back on the vamp world, she embraces the human teenage lifestyle–high school, peer pressure and finding a boyfriend. Jared manages to stir something in her blood. He’s smart and fun and oh, so cute. But Tessa’s dream of a having the perfect boyfriend turns into a nightmare when vampires attack the movie theatre and kidnap her date.

Once again, Tessa finds herself torn between the human world and the vampire one. Will blood own out? Can she make peace with who she is as well as what?



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Vampire In Distress

Vampire in Distress

Book 2

Family Blood Ties

WARNING – there is some mild swearing and the book has a cliffhanger ending!

This is book II in the Family Blood Ties series. Book one is Vampire in Denial. Both books end on big cliffhangers. Book II picks up exactly where Book I left off.

When Tessa rallies friends and family to find her missing date, they uncover a secret…and start a war that causes ripples in all aspects of their lives.

A vampire with throwback human genes. Sixteen-year-old Tessa finds more than just her friend in this journey…she also finds herself in need of rescue … Imprisoned, she has to find a way to escape and reunite with her family before this war takes out those she loves.

The youngest of his ancient line. Eighteen-year-old Cody descends from flyer vampires wants Tessa back at his side where she belongs – even as he struggles with conflicting emotions about his best friend’s kid sister…

A human determined to protect his people. Seventeen year-old Jared thought his life was over then he finds out that his rescuers are vampires…how can he trust them? And then he finds out the truth about Tessa…and that she’s been taken, too…

Three brave souls struggle as war breaks out around them…a war that shows them no mercy.


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Vampire In Design

Vampire in Design

Book 3

Family Blood Ties 

Left behind. Scared. And getting really pissed off.

Tessa and her friends were supposed to be on their way home. On their way to safety. Instead she wakes up alone, with her friends kidnapped. Targeted and hunted, Tessa goes on the attack, desperate to find her friends and family. But her attackers want her throwback genes and will do anything to have her locked down in their lab.

Caught in a dangerous maze, Cody is torn between helping his fellow captives and finding Tessa. He’s young to have the connection that’s growing between him and his best friend’s sister. But any future they might have is in jeopardy if they can’t stop the blood farm from taking over the humans…and his people.

Jared is free at last, but he can’t stop thinking about what he went through at the blood farm and those who helped him. Then he finds out something personal that so horrifying, he has to act…even if it means walking back into the place he swore to never return.

These three need to be strong…the war is far from over…and they are right in the middle of it.


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Vampire In Deceit

Vampire in Deceit

Book 4

Family Blood Ties 

Note: This book ends on a cliffhanger as did the other books in the series. Book 5 is likely to be the conclusion of this series and will be out soon.

Hurt and hurting, Tessa wages war against her own as she tries to protect those she loves and save those that can’t save themselves.

Ravaged by the constant attacks, afraid for her friends and family, Tessa is driven to the ends of her reserves as she strives to beat back the never ending wave of war. Thankfully she’s never alone…inside or out.

Kidnapped and injured, Cody struggles to escape and find the girl whose connection to his heart, mind and soul is growing by the moment. The chances of them all surviving this chaos are slim…but he just knows he can’t live without her.

Jared is determined to help his father and friends. He can’t leave them alone to their fate, even when his own life becomes endangered…again. Only this time, he has allies on his side…or does he?

The war unites humans and vamps as the war ratchets higher to a survival of the fittest…but the people most deeply involved can’t take much more. And then they find out the worst…


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Vampire In Defiance

Vampire In Defiance

Book 5

Family Blood Ties

This was it. For Tessa. For Cody. For Jared. Her family. Her Friends.

Moltere’s Mountain is collapsing. With Tessa, her friends and family still inside. Tessa won’t go down without a fight…and she won’t leave the others behind. But as she races to save everyone, time runs out.

Grounded with an injured wing, Cody wants Tessa to leave while they still can. But most of their friends and family are missing. And he fears the worst…

Jared had led the army into the mountain. Only to find they were looking to annihilate all vamps, not just the bad ones. He can’t leave his friends vulnerable to yet another attack. But the mine is a death trap, and he could be the one that ends up dead.

The pressure is on – to save friends, family, each other – only the enemy is just as determined that no one survives.


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Vampire In Conflict

Vampire in Conflict

Book 6

Family Blood Ties 

The blood farm is gone. Those behind it have either died, been caught, or are on the run. Time to return to the real world.

Only normal life isn’t quite what Tessa expected. Good thing, because there is no ‘normal’ anymore. She’s different. Her family is different. Her friends are different. The world around her is different. Trying to find her place is not easy. She wants nothing more than to be a normal teenager and join Cody and his friends on a Friday night out.

Cody wants the trouble to be over so he can get back to living the life he used to with one major addition – Tessa.

Only Ian and Jewel aren’t healing well, Rhia is acting out of character, and Jared keeps tripping over dead bodies. Then there’s David, who’ll do anything to help Jewel… even something he knows he shouldn’t do.

Something is wrong, and once again it’s up to Tessa to figure out what is happening under the surface of this ‘normal’ life.


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Vampire In Chaos

Vampire in Chaos

Book 7

Family Blood Ties

Tessa’s life has plummeted into chaos. Her father is missing, Goran is unconscious and showing no signs of healing, her mother has taken several steps off the deep end and David, well, she’ll deal with him when she sees him – if she can find him.

Cody isn’t sure what happened to the supposedly successful conclusion to the blood farm madness but he’s back in hell and damn it Tessa is once again leading the charge.

Jared is on the run, again. With no one else he can trust, but Tessa’s friends and family, he searches them out determined to help them solve this war – whether he is welcome or not.

With everyone in distress or missing, Tessa struggles to find answers, and create some kind of order amongst the chaos – before their attackers strike again.


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Vampire In Crisis

Vampire in Crisis

Book 8

Family Blood Ties 

This is the 8th book in the popular Family Blood Ties series and continues the saga of Tessa and Cody as they battle both humans and vampires alike. This book ends in a cliffhanger the same as the other books in the series.

Tessa’s world exploded.

She survived Deanna’s inheritance.

She sees more, hears more … understands more.

But more is not always better.

Cody doesn’t like what’s happening around him. Tessa has walked through hell and she has a lot more to go before she’s clear. He plans on standing by her side – her guardian – whether she wants him to be there for her or not.

Jared can’t believe all trails lead him into trouble. He’d escaped once. Tried to stay out of the mess since. But a friend is missing, and when he tries to get help, the person he confides in goes missing too.

The vampire world was never ready for Tessa before. The new Tessa?

No one is ready for her.


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Vampire in Control

 Vampire in Control

Book 9

Family Blood Ties

The Family Blood ties continues in this 9th installment of the vampire versus vampire saga.



Find the Full Series Here



Dale Mayer

Dale Mayer is a USA Today bestselling author best known for her Psychic Visions and Family Blood Ties series. Her contemporary romances are raw and full of passion and emotion (Second Chances, SKIN), her thrillers will keep you guessing (By Death series), and her romantic comedies will keep you giggling (It’s a Dog’s Life and Charmin Marvin Romantic Comedy series).

She honors the stories that come to her – and some of them are crazy and break all the rules and cross multiple genres!

To go with her fiction, she also writes nonfiction in many different fields with books available on resume writing, companion gardening and the US mortgage system. She has recently published her Career Essentials Series. All her books are available in print and ebook format.


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Forged In Ice By Alyssa Rose Ivy ♥ Release Day Blitz


Forged In Ice Release Day Blitz


Forged In Ice

Release Date: January 25, 2016


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Forged in Ice

An undying love threatened by darkness…

James’ worst nightmare has come true. From the grave his father has poisoned the woman he loves, and James will do anything to save her.

Ainsley is stuck in a world she barely knows. She struggles to come to terms with the new life she never asked for and her intense connection with James.

When darkness threatens to destroy everything, they must face their greatest fears and the possibility their love is no match for the darkness.

Haven’t started the Forged Chronicles yet? Forged in Stone is on sale for 99¢ for a limited time!

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The son of darkness is all grown up…

James is a Guardian. He is tasked with protecting the most important person in his world. For eight years he has done his job without complaint, but he has grown tired of living under the shadow of a father who is responsible for the most unimaginable violence and destruction his world has ever known.

Ainsley is at a loss for what to do with her life. She hates her two dead end jobs and the family who betrayed her. She has resigned herself to living one day at a time, but she longs for an escape from her lonely life.

When Ainsley finds James in her bed, their two lives and worlds collide. They may have both found exactly what they need, but the darkness James has been running from his whole life has just caught up.

About Alyssa Rose Ivy

Alyssa Rose Ivy

Website Facebook Twitter

Alyssa Rose Ivy is the bestselling author of more than twenty-five novels with over half a million books sold worldwide. She loves to weave stories with romance and humor, and she is best known for writing about college boys with wings and skinny dipping. After surviving law school and earning her masters in library science, she turned back to her creative side and decided to write. Although raised in the New York area, she fell in love with the South after moving to New Orleans for college. She lives in North Carolina with her husband and two young children, and she can usually be found with a cup of coffee in her hand.

Warriors Of Strathan By Marilyn Lakewood ♥ Blog Tour & 5 Star Review



Book: Warriors of Strathan

Author: Marilyn Lakewood

Genre: Fantasy Romance, Paranormal, Ménage M/F/M
Warriors of Stratan_Marilyn Lakewood_Cover

Kellus Aquitar is drawn into the ancient enchanted land of Strathan where he finds the love he craves, a challenge he cannot refuse, and the cause he was destined for.
To keep his sister and parents safe from Rome’s persecution, Kell has been forced to lead his elite cavalry on constant campaign against the enemies of the Republic. Now at thirty-seven, he is weary of senseless bloodshed, petty Roman tyrants, and sleeping in tents. Above all he is tired of sharing women with other men.
On a secret mapping expedition in the mysterious isles of Britannia, his journey takes him away from everything he knows when he discovers a hidden, mysterious world and meets Leis, a woman he desires more than life itself. But to remain in the timeless realm of Strathan he must overcome the endless reach of Roman vengeance — and his deep aversion to sharing.
Leis, an erotic siren of Strathan, can impart immortality to her lovers, but only when bound in a ménage a trois. In a rite of passage, Leis’ magic calls to the outsider, Kell. The newcomer stirs turmoil in Strathan but with eminent attack of the Hobb, Kell’s experience and strategy in war is a welcome asset.
When every warrior is needed to battle the monsters that threaten Strathan, Kell must devise a way to guard Leis, while protecting his sister and parents from Rome’s wrath in the outside world. His plan calls for sacrifice… dark, bloody, and dangerous…but if he survives, he will possess the woman he loves, keep his family safe, and secure his destiny with the Warriors of Strathan.
Immortal warriors, a passionate, loving siren, menage M/F/M, some bondage and discipline, sword battles, monsters, and mayhem.
Warning: Warriors of Strathan contains explicit sex and violence.  Kell, the hero in this story, lives in a different time and culture. His world is harsh and without compassion. It does not conform to current sensibilities, ideals, or laws. There are brief mentions of non-consent in the story, but they are written without extensive detail.

First off I have to say that I’m by far the last person to pick up a Historical Romance. It’s not my choice of romance genres. I fell completely and utterly in love with Warriors of Strathan.  You are taken back to a time when men went off to battle for long periods of time in search of better land and to protect the ones the love.

It can’t get much hotter when you meet Kellus. Forced to take up arms with the Roman soldiers to protect his family from harm, he fast becomes a very vital part of the roman cavalry. Never feeling like he completely belonged with the romans but giving everything he had to protect his family.  Kellus go out to search for some bandits that have been taking from the Calvary camp, when he is separated from his men. He finds himself in a place of many riches and a peaceful life. Find desire for Leis that he has never felt for any women. Leis is a siren that give immortality to her lovers, this is only given to the ones bonded to her. For Strathan there are normally two lovers to each of the women. They are not given the complete power till they are bonded to their true lovers.  Leis has not yet chosen her boned lovers till Kell’s arrives and fight alongside the warriors of Strathan, she finds that she is meant to be with the outsider.  Kell’s will stop at nothing to have Leis as his but can he find he place in the laws and ways of the Strathan people.

This is one of the hottest books I have read this year! You will not be disappointed in this one! Great read, can’t wait for the next book!!


Warriors Of Strathan Teaser 2

“Are you replete with food, Roman?”
      Kell nodded. “My thanks, I was hungry. Your actions make me welcome.”
      “Are my words less so?”
      “Only in tone. I would not cause imposition.”
      “You do not impose—you are crucial here.”
      “I, alone, cannot win your cause, Torr.” Why these people thought him vital to the upcoming battle, he could not reason.
      “You will aid it.”
      Kell drew a patient breath. “If you take me back, I can bring soldiers who are loyal to me and are willing to fight.”
      “They would be killed.”
      “I will not?”
      “No. You have purpose in Strathan. Come, I will show you to a sleeping chamber.”
      Kell followed Torr into the arched passageway that he, like the warrior, was drawn to. The torchlight cast wavering gold light on the stone walk and on the imposing oaken doors they passed. At the end of the hall, two portals stood opposite each other.
Torr stopped, indicating the open door. “Your rooms are there. You should find what you need within.” He turned toward the closed door, his hand poised on the handle. “My chambers are here. Good night, Roman.” The warrior pressed the latch and entered.
      A sudden keen instinct to help these people sent Kell after the man. He stepped into the warrior’s doorway before the portal shut. “Torr, I meant it. I can bring men to aid your cause…”
      Kell had not intended to let his eyes wander to the private interior but when they did, his gaze swept past the sumptuous appointments, the finely carved furniture and the huge, fabric draped bed. Instead, his attention seized onto the provocative centerpiece decorating the space.
      A woman, suspended by her wrists, hung in quiet tranquility. She was completely nude, her beautiful form, taut and elongated by her position. Her arms were linked together but her ankles shackled apart. Only her toes touched the stone floor.
      Her head lolled back, and shiny, bronze-gold hair draped to her waist. She looked unblemished and alluring beyond measure.
His mouth went dry and his cock filled tight with blood, yet he managed to rasp, “A pleasure slave?” Likely chained for her master’s pleasure. A common enough thing in his world. Kell’s fingers gripped the doorframe for support—the impact of the woman so strong.
      “In a fashion,” Torr answered cryptically. He paused, halfway into the chamber. “Do you find your room deficient?”
“Then we will talk in the morning.”
Neither man moved.
“Your bed awaits next door, Roman.”
      “I would buy her from you.” The words came before thought, driven by intrinsic need.
      Torr shook his head. “No amount of coin could equal her value. Tomorrow you will understand more of her worth.” The warrior stepped into the doorway and nodded in dismissal. “Rest well, Roman.”
      They both knew he would not.
Meet the Author

Marilyn and her husband live in the northwest U.S., not too far from the Canadian border. She thinks the long, cold winters are perfect “writing weather.” Most of the time, she doesn’t mind the short days, or the snow—except when she needs to drive in a blizzard, in the dark.
Marilyn started writing sexy stories “just for fun” and she’ll joyously admit she’s obsessed with creating hard-core dominant heroes and happily-ever-after endings.
Writing erotic romance lets her explore love, passion, and sex, through the lens of different characters and settings. It’s also a way to keep her imagination kindled during the September to March “cold snap.” Marilyn loves music, flowers, sci-fi and romance movies, and taking daily walks with Precious, her rescued dog.
She’s a country girl at heart, and although she imagines travelling to distant, romantic shores, her favorite place is home with her family.
 Social Links

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Pinterest     Google+    

Warriors Of Strathan Teaser 1


Betrayed By Amber Lynn Natusch ♥ Release Blitz



Betrayed Release Banner



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They’re gone…
When Ruby discovers what really happened the night of Alan Beauchamp’s murder, one thing becomes very clear: time is running out for the people she loves. As she unravels the web of lies and deceit around her, Ruby reveals an unthinkable truth. One with dire repercussions for all.
Can Ruby pull together all the supernatural aspects of her life to foil a diabolical plot, or will she fall victim to an evil unlike any other she has faced?
Haven’t started the Caged Series yet? Caged is currently FREE!
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“I stood in the middle of the room, unmoving – I barely breathed. My life had just become surreal, impossible, and one enormous lie. I needed to go, to run somewhere, anywhere to beat back the reality that was rapidly closing in around me. The image of him was burned into my retina, flashing over and over again like a warning. He was trapped somewhere between human and decidedly not, and I realized that was my new reality.
I was too.”
After the death of her parents, Ruby awakens from a lifetime of shadows and finds herself alone, thrust into a world of lies, deceit, betrayal and the supernatural.
As her quest for truth continues to come up short, she realizes that maybe some questions really are best left unanswered.
When her true identity is finally unveiled, she is forced to choose between two of the mysterious men who continually seem to crop up in her life.
She chooses poorly.
Now abandoned, Ruby must learn to call on the darkness within to survive, or spend a hellish eternity imprisoned because of it.
About Amber Lynn Natusch
Amber Lynn Natusch
If you’re dying to know more about me, allow me to put you at ease. I’m a sharp-tongued, sarcastic cancer, who loves vegetable smoothies, winter storms, and the word “portfolio”. I should NEVER be caffeinated, and require at least eight hours of sleep to even resemble a human being. At thirty-four, I just now feel like I can keep a straight face while saying the word “rectum” (which is actually a huge lie because I just laughed out loud while reading this to my husband). I live with my iPod firmly affixed to my body, drive too fast, and laugh/cry at inappropriate times.

The Kiss That Killed Me (The Tidal Kiss Trilogy) By Kristy Nicole ♥ Release Blitz

The Kiss That Killed Me Rb Banner
 Title ~ The Kiss That Killed Me
Author ~ Kristy Nicolle
Series ~ The Tidal Kiss Trilogy – Book 1
Release Date ~ December 1, 2015Add to Goodreads


When Callie Pierce turns 18 she has three very simple goals: avoid her stepfather, escape to an Ivy League University of her dreams, and party with her friends. But on a night like any other, when the moon is full over the ocean, her life changes in a way that no one could have ever seen coming.

On the sandy beaches of San Diego she meets Orion, a man with whom she cannot stay away, to whom her return becomes as inevitable as the tide kissing the shore. If that isn’t enough, a kiss which changes everything plunges Callie head first into a world of mythic responsibility, epic danger, and heart stopping romance.

The Mer, an ancient race of warriors brought forth to defend the seas, show her the wonders beyond what is humanly possible, forcing her into an archaic chain of events that bring together power, seduction, violence, and beauty in a terrifying, yet exhilarating mix. Then there’s the Banished to contend with, a group of Psirens corrupted by the ocean’s abyss that stand to destroy the eternity Callie has been promised.

Will she sacrifice herself for the greater good, or is the gravity that pulls her to Orion just to great to bear?
“The sound I can hear is something ethereal,
calming, calling me. I listen in, letting it soothe my jumpy nerves for a few
minutes before my calm is broken as I hear something stir behind me. I turn,
but nobody is there. I hear it once again, the call, otherworldly, beautiful in
its own right. Is it the alcohol, or just my imagination this time? I swear I
hear it, that alluring chant, a melody of some kind calling my name, calling
me, just me, into its warm embrace. I am lost in the music, so lost that I
begin to hum, moving my head from side to side … so indulging the sound that it
comes as a complete surprise when someone taps me on the shoulder. I jump up, disoriented
and full of fear at the thought it may be some kind of rapist, whose watchful
stare was what made the hairs on the back of my neck rise earlier. Then as I
pivot to face the intruder, it hits me like a freight train.

It’s him. He’s the

The Kiss That Killed Me
The Kiss That Killed Me T3
The Kiss That Killed Me T1
The Kiss That Killed Me Available
The Kiss That Killed Me Full



Under A Mating Moon By Celia Breslin ♥ Book Blast


Title:   Under A Mating Moon
Author:  Celia Breslin
Published:  September
18th, 2015
Publisher:  Decadent
Genre:  Paranormal
Content Warning:  Graphic
violence and adult sexual content
Recommended Age:  18+

Synopsis:  British
Alpha wolf Jake Marsden spends his days among humans, pursuing a lucrative
music career and avoiding his pack’s politics. When his current DJ tour takes
him to the US, he stops in Los Lobos to visit family, and runs into the one
Wolf he never wants to see again—the mate who rejected his claim.

While visiting her brother in Los Lobos, free-spirited Lexi
Luparell is shocked to encounter the Wolf she’d denied when they were teens.
Now she must face her guilt for the cruel way she spurned him all those years ago,
make amends, and admit the truth. Jake was right all along—they’re meant to

Lexi would love to explore the mate concept and her
overwhelming attraction to virile, Alpha Wolf Jake, but he wants nothing to do
with her. How can she break down his defenses when she’s the reason he built
them in the first place?

Jake dates only human women now. Lexi had her shot at being
his mate, and she threw it away. But when her life is threatened, he may have
to rethink his position and do whatever it takes to claim his one true mate.
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from Under a Mating Moon by Celia Breslin:
A billion butterflies battered Lexi’s stomach. She
shifted her attention from Ross to the piano. Sure enough, the music had
stopped, and Jake faced her from his seat on the bench. Man oh man, the heavy
stare from those sky blue eyes sent shivers skittering down her spine. His gaze
held the same intensity she remembered from him as a kid, as if he saw into the
heart of people, exposing their deepest secrets. It drove her crazy back then,
and she’d spent much time teasing him, pulling his hair, trying to distract him
from being so serious all of the damn time. They were teenagers—partying was
supposed to be their sole focus.
With his ice blue stare locked on her, Jake rose to his
feet, all taut muscle and predatory power. His energy swept over her like a
tsunami, forcing all of the moisture to abandon her mouth while parts much
lower wept with want. Her inner Wolf howled, answering the call of this Alpha,
the first Dominant male ever to make her sit up and take notice. Holy crap. Her
muscles shook with the need to bound over to him, jump in his arms, wrap her
legs around his torso and writhe against his hard, hot, tattooed body.
Jake said something to his uncle then stalked straight at
her, cutting a path right through the middle of the tables and the many,
too-curious patrons.
A whimper escaped her throat.
Surprise sparked in her brother’s brown eyes.
“You’re kidding me. Him?” He burst out laughing. “Wow, sis,
that’s some major, big time irony right there.”
Darci’s expression conveyed her bewilderment. “Now
what are you two talking about?”
Her annoying brother grinned. “See that angry Alpha
headed our way?  My sister here rejected
him when they were teens and he’s apparently her—”
Lexi socked her brother in the ribs. “Shut it,
“Ouch.” Ross rubbed his side and chuckled at
her plight. The jerk.
“Come on, Lexi, you have to admit the hilarity of
the situation.”
No, she did not. Nor did she have to admit that J-Bird
was right all those years ago. He was her mate. O to the M to the G… They
were mates.
Even so, he didn’t look happy to see her at all. In fact,
he looked positively enraged. Shit, shit and triple shit. What a mess she’d
made eight years ago. Well, she was woman enough to pull on her big girl panties
and fix it. She straightened her spine and lifted her chin in challenge,
meeting Jake’s stormy stare. He halted before her.
I can do this. “Hey J-Bird. Nice to see you.”
Lovely. Her voice sounded like she’d eaten the gravel from the lot in front of
Gee’s bar. Embarrassment heated her cheeks.
One breath, two breaths, three… J-Bird glared. Tension
coiled between them in the silence. Lexi bit the inside of her cheek to avoid
babbling at him. She’d said hello. It was his turn. Damn it, J-Bird, say
something. He wasn’t making this easy.
His arctic tone dismissed her and slapped her in the face at the same
time, leaving her disappointed and confused. No one called her by her full
name. No one except her parents when she’d done something wrong as a kid. He
might as well have said, “screw you,” while slamming a door in her
His focus shifted to her brother. “Hello, Ross. Been
a while.” His hand shot out to grasp her brother’s in a cordial shake.
“Good to see you, Jake. Join us for lunch? My treat.
We can catch up on old times.”
“No, thank you. I’m done. Nice to see you again,
Ross.” Jake nodded at Darci. “Miss.” He brushed past them and
out the door.
“What. Just. Happened?” The, “I’m done,” he
uttered in his delicious British accent seemed aimed more at her than at her
brother’s offer. And the fact he hadn’t even looked at her before stalking out
all sexy in his gloom and doom? Yeah, that hurt.
“I think you know, sis.” The amusement left her
brother’s face and sympathy glimmered in his gaze. “Question is, what are
you going to do about it?”

She’d never run from a fight in her life. She wouldn’t
start now. “Grab a table. I’ll be back in a second. Or not.” She
ignored her brother’s knowing grin and hurried out the door.


About the Author:
lives in California with her family and two feisty cats. She writes urban
fantasy and paranormal romance, and has a particular fondness for werewolves,
vampires, and the Fae. Her award-winning vampire series – The Tranquilli
Bloodline – is available from Champagne Books. Under A Mating Moon is her
second werewolf story for Decadent Publishing’s, multi-author, Black Hills
Wolves shifter line.

not writing, you’ll find Celia exercising, reading a good book, hanging with
her family, or indulging her addiction to Joss Whedon’s TV shows and movies.
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Fates Divided By Jules Barnard ♥ Blog Tour



Fates Divided
by Jules Barnard
Halven Rising #1
Publication Date: August 31, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance

Tour: Fates Divided by Jules Barnard

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Elena Rosales has busted her ass to get into a good college. She’s the only one in her family ever to attend, and expectations are high. No pressure. But Elena’s got this one in the bag, because she’s as dependable as the molecules she studies, as reliable as the chemical reactions that comfort her in their predictability. Until they don’t.

Elena has always wondered why her mother abandoned her on her first birthday. It’s not until she turns eighteen and her chemistry experiments go berserk that she learns the truth: Her mother wasn’t human, and the Fae are willing to harm those Elena loves if she doesn’t use her power over the elements to cure them of a deadly disease.

Derek, Elena’s brooding neighbor, isn’t the friendliest guy, but he has access to an off-hours lab and is willing to help Elena create the antivirus. He has his own secrets to keep, and this business Elena is mixed up in could blow his cover. But when Elena and Derek get together, more than chemicals spark fire-and they soon discover just how complicated attraction can get when they find themselves on the other side of the portal, fighting for survival. Lives collide, and allegiance and love are tested, in Fates Divided.

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About Jules Barnard


Before turning to storytelling, Jules earned a master’s degree in public health and spent many an hour running statistical analysis–until she realized her favorite part of the job was writing reports. She decided to cut out the math and add in some hot guys, and so began her career as a novelist.

Jules is a Northern California native living on the coast with her husband and two children. She has no impulse control around cupcakes and credits herself with the ability to read while running on the treadmill or burning dinner.

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Isabella’s Airman (Out Of Time) By Sofia Grey ♥ Promo Blitz




My quiet words hung between us. Inside, I cringed. There was no reason ever to tell the natives why we were there or to hint at future tech. Nothing would corrupt the timelines quicker than a peek at the future, and I felt cold at the secret I almost revealed.

Davy replaced his cup in its saucer, and then reached across the table and touched the back of my hand. My gaze leaped to meet his. “Maybe when I go on leave next time, you might come with me? I could take you to Hadrian’s Wall and to sample my mum’s baking.”

Shame flooded me at the deception I was creating. I couldn’t look at him. I tucked both hands in my lap and stared down at the table. The tea left a bitter taste in my mouth, or maybe that was guilt? This was so unfair.

I didn’t even realize I was trembling until Davy spoke in a low, pained voice. “I’m sorry, Isabella. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.”

Looking up, I saw the hurt in his eyes and the way his jaw tightened. “I’m sorry,” I blurted. “I can’t do that.”

His mouth twisted, but he didn’t look away. “I’ve only known you a couple of days, and I know it’s too soon to be making plans, so don’t say no. Not yet.” He hesitated. I wondered if he could hear how loud my heart was pounding. “Let’s just take it as it comes. One day at a time.” His lips curved in a ghost of a smile. “Can we do that?”

I longed to say yes. This was supposed to be a fact-finding exercise and a step toward an excellent grade for the field trip. Over a pot of tea in a bustling café, it had grown into something I didn’t recognize.

“Isabella?” His voice was soft, coaxing me to speak. I remembered when he said my name that first night. The gentle lilt, the way it rolled off his tongue like an endearment. I swallowed. I was in way over my head already.

Still he watched me. Tension vibrated in the air. I couldn’t say yes, but it would kill me to say no. The paper I’d written was meaningless. Their chances of survival—this man’s chance—was dependent on more than proximity to home. He wanted someone to come back to.

There was a lump in my throat the size of a rock. “One day at a time.”

His smile was real this time. “That’s all right, then.” He slid the plate of forgotten carrot cake toward me. “We start with cake.”




Time travel student Isabella Gillman is about to embark on her most challenging assignment–leaping back to 1941 to observe World War II. The rules are simple: don’t get emotionally involved, and don’t interfere.

She breaks the first rule when she falls in love with rear-gunner Davy Porteous. The second is on its way out as well, when she realizes history says he won’t survive the war. Torn between the fundamental laws of her society, and the man she loves, Isabella faces a harsh reality: does she risk both their lives for a future that may not happen?

She can’t predict the results if she corrupts the timelines, but without her actions, Davy is out of time.

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Book links:  Amazon | Goodreads


Author bio:

Sofia Grey

Romance author Sofia Grey spends her days managing projects in the corporate world and her nights hanging out with wolf shifters and alpha males. She devours pretty much anything in the fiction line, but she prefers her romances to be hot, and her heroes to have hidden depths. When writing, she enjoys peeling back the layers to expose her characters’ flaws and always makes them work hard for their happy endings.


Music is interwoven so tightly into my writing that I can’t untangle the two. Either I’m listening to a playlist on my iPod, have music seeping from my laptop speakers, or there’s a song playing in my head – sometimes on auto-repeat.


Check out my playlists on Pinterest and Spotify


Author links:

Goodreads | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | Amazon



To celebrate the release, the first in series (Lila’s Wolf) will be discounted to 99c, from 1 – 7 June.

 Lilas_Wolf-Sofia_Grey-500x800 (1)


When Lila Cammell is abandoned by her time-jump partner, leaving her alone in Britain in the Dark Ages, revenge is the only thing on her mind. She’d trusted Jared Grohl with her life and her heart, and bringing him to justice will be sweet.

Finding him captured and enslaved by the Saxons changes all her assumptions. Now it’s a fight for survival, but the only way to save him, might be to leave him behind.

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Arks Of Octava By Lucian Bane ♥ Blog Tour & Review


Arks of Octava

The Scribbler Guardian

by bestselling author

Lucian Bane

Octava Cover

Arks of Octava

The Scribbler Guardian


Fantasy Romance Series, The Trilogy Begins

Jeramiah Poe isn’t just any character in the Realm of Fiction; he is Muse Master—Destiny Diviner—Mysterious Miskriat. Being of neither the Traditional Genre Provinces nor Independent, Poe enjoys an eternal lease on life, so long as his Scribbler keeps him out of publication.

Poe meets Kane, a seven-year-old boy from the Independent Horror Province, where he learns ancient codes are being broken and the horror that should be an act, is real.

But the evil clutching Octava is not new and Seven Arks have been sent to Earth to stop it.

Only something has gone wrong and Poe is commissioned as and the 8th Ark of Octava to discover what has become of the Seven.

But his passage to Earth comes with revelations he’s not prepared for. Not only does his Scribbler not know of his existence, he’s a she that his human form seems allergic to.

Poe soon realizes that with each Ark he locates, his powers grow along with his feelings for the Scribbler. And the enemy will try and use both to gain control of the two realms.




“Mr. Poe?” Poe turned abruptly at the worried sound of Kane’s voice, and panicked at seeing his body had gone translucent. “I have to go now, Mr. Poe.”

“What’s wrong?” Poe reached for him and his hands passed through the boy. “Kane! Are you dying in your story?”

“I have to get back Mr. Poe. They’re coming now.”

“Why are you crying? You’ll come back first chance. I’ll be here. Do you know the name of your story, Kane?”

“I’m scared, Mr. Poe.”

The real fear in the boy’s voice alarmed him and before he could ask anything else, he was gone. A flash of panic sent Poe shooting into the air and out of the bog, aiming for Octava’s Athenaeum. He landed too quickly and went sprawling for several feet before bounding up and running up the hundred flight stairs of the realm’s library. Poe flashed his credentials as he walked in and the head Athenaeum Officer nodded. He didn’t have time to fiddle with the intricate Library’s search program and found instead the Librarian. “I need help locating a story, it’s direly important.”

The woman turned ever so slowly, her curt expression matching her pristine white dress-suit—the Athenaeum’s dress code. “Genre?”

“Horror,” he shot out.

She raised a brow for more information and Poe shook his head. “I don’t know, search them all.”

Her painful pace indicated the necessity of speed one never needed in Octava. “Do you happen to have a title?”


She shook her head with raised brows at the screen. “There are thousands here. We could be here all day and evening.” But her tone indicated that was quite fine, she had nothing better to do.

“Kane!” Poe forgot he could search by name in the cast. “There’s a character named Kane in it.”

“Last name?”

“Not sure, I don’t think so, I think it’s his first.”

“I mean do you have a last name.”

“No, I don’t.” Poe wanted to strangle himself for not getting something so simple all this time.

“Traditional or non?”

“I don’t know,” Poe gasped.

The woman eyed Poe with confused concern before fluttering her fingers over the glass surface of the screen. “I find four possible matches.”

“The boy is seven. Look for a seven-year-old.”

“Ah. Sons of Insurrection. Has to be that one. It’s Independent and an SG. Paranormal Horror.”

“Coordinates,” Poe begged, trying not to yell.

He ran out the second she gave the information and took to the air upon exiting the building, barely missing several security officials in winged flight. Within five minutes, he landed at the story set. A dingy, rundown hospital with a dilapidation befitting the best of any horror story. The energy in the air sent a sensation through Poe that drew tiny bumps to the surface of his skin and a tingling along his spine.

Octava’s laws forbid anybody to barge right into a Story and so Poe had to carefully study the set around him. Spotting a lower window at the very bottom of the building, he hurried to it, remembering Kane’s comment about his playhouse under the stairs. Lowering to the ground he peered through the darkness. Nothing. Poe listened, closing his eyes, fighting to connect with the energy inside the insidious place.



Let me start off by saying this man is an amazing writer. He tells his stories so well you can picture yourself right there with the characters as things unfold. I do have to say that this was not one of my favorites from Lucian’s that said it all on me. I’m not real big on fantasy books. I knew going in to this what it was and told myself to keep an open mind, glad I did. I started reading Arks Of Octava and thought what the hell did I get myself into.  The story is great and engaging. I have to say I’m glad I did give this one a shot the story took shape it pulls you in and keeps you wondering what is around the next bend. By the end of Poe and his scribbler’s journey you are hooked. I was very surprised how much more I got in to the story as I read. If you’re not a fantasy fan and refuse to give this one a try you will be missing out if you don’t give this read a try. I will be reading more from this series with a very open mind.



Lucian’s Bio

Welcome to my world

My name is Lucian Bane and I’ve heard from many that I’m the odd one out. But really, I’m just a Husband, an Author, and a Christian Dom. Ah, maybe that’s the one that makes everybody pause. Oxymoron? Not at all.

As an author, I like to write stories—paranormal erotica—contemporary erotica and fantasy romance about men who honor, cherish, and protect the women they love. But more importantly, I also attempt to make these stories a reality for couples everywhere by teaching them in the form of fiction how to add heat and passion to marriages and relationships that might not have it. Teach them how to build life-long commitments that form strong families, like I have with my own beautiful wife.

I think there are many men like myself, and I hope my writing will be a map for them. A map for women as well, to teach them how to bring out the Dom that exists within the men they call boyfriend or husband.

As young men, our inner Doms need a master to train them. I once bowed to my inner Dom’s reckless and tireless desires, but when I gave myself to God and conformed my will to His, the transformation made me into what I am today. What many would call an Ineffable Dom. But its equal term in the Vanilla world, in my opinion, is simply a real man.


Ark Of Octava cado dark new colors

You can find more on this series and Lucian at these links:


Facebook Author Page:



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Arks of Octava series page

oct tease


Lucian has several series out. Dom Wars, White Knight Dom Academy, Ruin, and now Arks of Octava, they can all be found on his Amazon page.