Hot Protector By Lynn Raye Harris ♥ Book Blast



Hot Protector: H.O.T. Series Book 10

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Sometimes the forbidden is impossible to resist…

The 10th novel in the bestselling Hostile Operations Team series. Chase “Fiddler” Daniels finds himself on the run with Sophie Nash—the step-sister he loves to hate. Protecting Sophie from a Russian mobster shouldn’t be too hard. Protecting himself from Sophie’s charm? Somehow, that’s a whole lot harder…

“Lynn’s Hostile Operations Team is one of those series that just addictingly good. It doesn’t matter how many books she’ll write for it because I know I’ll read every single one. Every. Single. One. They’re that good. It’s the perfect combination of sizzling romance with heart pounding suspense. It’s action packed and sexy. It’s everything I love about romantic suspense and I can’t recommend this series enough!” – Dirty Girl Romance

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She remembered Chase as a gorgeous, moody teenager, remembered when she’d started thinking about sex and how he’d figured into some of her masturbatory fantasies. She’d touched herself and thought of the boy in the room down the hall—and now the boy was a man, and he touched her better than she’d ever touched herself.

She heard the bedroom door open—her bedroom door because he hadn’t left her alone the way she’d thought he might when they were finished—and she turned. Her heart flipped and then pounded faster.

He was dressed in jeans and a long-sleeved gray Henley with the top two buttons undone. There was a mark on his neck, right above his collar, and heat pooled between her thighs at the sight. She’d done that. She’d marked him the way he’d marked her.

God help her, she wanted to do it again.

His dark hair was still damp after his shower, but his eyes smoldered as he looked at her across the room. They simply stared at each other, and she wondered what was going through his mind. Was it regret? Desire? Disgust?

“How are you feeling?” he asked.

How was she feeling? Uptight. Jumpy. Needy. Angry because she wasn’t here to have fantastic sex with a gorgeous man but rather because some asshole was threatening her life.

And then there was the tenderness between her legs, the delicious little hurts of the love bites on her skin, and the tingling in her nipples even now as she stared at him. How could she quantify any of that into words?

“I feel fine,” she said. It was a lame response, and his eyes narrowed.

“Fine.” He stalked toward her and her pulse fluttered. When he stopped in front of her, he didn’t touch her. But he was close enough that his body heat enveloped her. “What’s that mean, Sophie?”

She swallowed as she stared up at him. “It means I feel fine. I’m not hurt or upset or anything.”

His gaze dropped to the vee of her sweater. Bless whoever had picked out clothes for her, because they’d managed to get things that flattered her body instead of making her look and feel fat. She knew they’d hacked her credit card records, but there were things in there she’d bought that she didn’t like. Thankfully they hadn’t chosen those styles.

“How do you feel about what we did last night?”

Wow, that was blunt. She could feel the heat blossom in her cheeks. “How do you feel?”

He snorted and pushed a hand through his hair. “You want me to answer before you do. I get it.”

He took a step closer to her and put a hand on her hip, drawing her into him. She didn’t resist because what kind of crazy woman would?

“I feel like I want to do everything we did last night again,” he said. “I feel like I’d fucking kill for the chance to taste you right now—and yeah, I feel guilty too.”

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About Lynn Raye Harris

2973925New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lynn Raye Harris burst onto the scene when she won a writing contest held by Harlequin. A former finalist for the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Award and the National Readers Choice Award, Lynn lives in Alabama with her handsome former military husband and two crazy cats. Lynn writes about hot military heroes, sizzling international billionaires, and the women who dare to tame them. Her books have been called “exceptional and emotional,” “intense,” and “sizzling.” To date, Lynn’s books have sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

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Her Sweetest Downfall By Kellie Wallace ♥ Book Blast


Her Sweetest downfall blast banner

her sweetest downfallHer Sweetest Downfall by Kellie Wallace

Genre – Historical fiction
Publication Date –
April 27 2015

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At the height of the London Blitz, Viola Craft, a sexually repressed young woman is trapped in a loveless marriage to her God fearing husband Vernon. She spends her days working in her mother’s dress shop while Vernon pulls the dead from the rubble with his rescue crew.
Their marriage is turbulent and Viola feels pressured to bear a child. After failed attempts, Vernon believes she’s barren and alienates himself from their marriage.
One night during an air raid, she meets alluring German born Kristoff Richter. They make an instant connection. He’s young, good looking and emphatic. They embark on an illicit affair that leads to tragic consequences.

What others are saying about Her Sweetest Downfall

This book surprised me more than any I have EVER read. Just when you think you know what is going to happen…BAM…the author spins it on you. – Home Is Where the Wine Is Book Blog

This is my first read from Kellie Wallace and I loved every minute of it. She draws you in with her writing. 1-Click Her Sweetest Downfall today. If you like Historical Romance with twists you will love this. – Alpha Book Club

The story and characters are simply amazing and you will ride an overwhelming roller coaster full of love and heartache. – The Voluptuous Book Diva

This book was amazing. I started this book and finished in a day. The characters were amazing and I placed back in time with the story and plot. It was heart wrenching and I cried my eyes. I was on a huge book hangover because it was that good. – Fictional Rendezvous Book Blog



kellie wallace author picKellie Wallace

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Born in Sydney, author Kellie Wallace developed a love for the written word early in life, writing her first story at aged three. Her father used to read to her at bedtime, establishing a deep love and respect for books.
Kellie wrote her first fiction fantasy novel called Giblin the Conquer, an X Files fan fiction and a military fiction while in high school. After finishing school, Kellie moved to the sunny Northern Beaches and carved a successful career in the media/advertising industry writing for numerous Sydney based publications. But that didn’t stop Kellie’s love to write. An aspiring novelist, she fulfilled a dream in 2008 having her first book All She Ever Wanted published at the age of 22 years old
In 2013-2014, Kellie released her first catalogue of books Darkness before Dawn, Skylark, To lean on Falling Men and Earthwalker. 2015 will be a big year for Kellie with the releases of Edge of Tomorrow and Her Sweetest Downfall.
She currently resides in Sydney with her husband.




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Under A Mating Moon By Celia Breslin ♥ Book Blast


Title:   Under A Mating Moon
Author:  Celia Breslin
Published:  September
18th, 2015
Publisher:  Decadent
Genre:  Paranormal
Content Warning:  Graphic
violence and adult sexual content
Recommended Age:  18+

Synopsis:  British
Alpha wolf Jake Marsden spends his days among humans, pursuing a lucrative
music career and avoiding his pack’s politics. When his current DJ tour takes
him to the US, he stops in Los Lobos to visit family, and runs into the one
Wolf he never wants to see again—the mate who rejected his claim.

While visiting her brother in Los Lobos, free-spirited Lexi
Luparell is shocked to encounter the Wolf she’d denied when they were teens.
Now she must face her guilt for the cruel way she spurned him all those years ago,
make amends, and admit the truth. Jake was right all along—they’re meant to

Lexi would love to explore the mate concept and her
overwhelming attraction to virile, Alpha Wolf Jake, but he wants nothing to do
with her. How can she break down his defenses when she’s the reason he built
them in the first place?

Jake dates only human women now. Lexi had her shot at being
his mate, and she threw it away. But when her life is threatened, he may have
to rethink his position and do whatever it takes to claim his one true mate.
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from Under a Mating Moon by Celia Breslin:
A billion butterflies battered Lexi’s stomach. She
shifted her attention from Ross to the piano. Sure enough, the music had
stopped, and Jake faced her from his seat on the bench. Man oh man, the heavy
stare from those sky blue eyes sent shivers skittering down her spine. His gaze
held the same intensity she remembered from him as a kid, as if he saw into the
heart of people, exposing their deepest secrets. It drove her crazy back then,
and she’d spent much time teasing him, pulling his hair, trying to distract him
from being so serious all of the damn time. They were teenagers—partying was
supposed to be their sole focus.
With his ice blue stare locked on her, Jake rose to his
feet, all taut muscle and predatory power. His energy swept over her like a
tsunami, forcing all of the moisture to abandon her mouth while parts much
lower wept with want. Her inner Wolf howled, answering the call of this Alpha,
the first Dominant male ever to make her sit up and take notice. Holy crap. Her
muscles shook with the need to bound over to him, jump in his arms, wrap her
legs around his torso and writhe against his hard, hot, tattooed body.
Jake said something to his uncle then stalked straight at
her, cutting a path right through the middle of the tables and the many,
too-curious patrons.
A whimper escaped her throat.
Surprise sparked in her brother’s brown eyes.
“You’re kidding me. Him?” He burst out laughing. “Wow, sis,
that’s some major, big time irony right there.”
Darci’s expression conveyed her bewilderment. “Now
what are you two talking about?”
Her annoying brother grinned. “See that angry Alpha
headed our way?  My sister here rejected
him when they were teens and he’s apparently her—”
Lexi socked her brother in the ribs. “Shut it,
“Ouch.” Ross rubbed his side and chuckled at
her plight. The jerk.
“Come on, Lexi, you have to admit the hilarity of
the situation.”
No, she did not. Nor did she have to admit that J-Bird
was right all those years ago. He was her mate. O to the M to the G… They
were mates.
Even so, he didn’t look happy to see her at all. In fact,
he looked positively enraged. Shit, shit and triple shit. What a mess she’d
made eight years ago. Well, she was woman enough to pull on her big girl panties
and fix it. She straightened her spine and lifted her chin in challenge,
meeting Jake’s stormy stare. He halted before her.
I can do this. “Hey J-Bird. Nice to see you.”
Lovely. Her voice sounded like she’d eaten the gravel from the lot in front of
Gee’s bar. Embarrassment heated her cheeks.
One breath, two breaths, three… J-Bird glared. Tension
coiled between them in the silence. Lexi bit the inside of her cheek to avoid
babbling at him. She’d said hello. It was his turn. Damn it, J-Bird, say
something. He wasn’t making this easy.
His arctic tone dismissed her and slapped her in the face at the same
time, leaving her disappointed and confused. No one called her by her full
name. No one except her parents when she’d done something wrong as a kid. He
might as well have said, “screw you,” while slamming a door in her
His focus shifted to her brother. “Hello, Ross. Been
a while.” His hand shot out to grasp her brother’s in a cordial shake.
“Good to see you, Jake. Join us for lunch? My treat.
We can catch up on old times.”
“No, thank you. I’m done. Nice to see you again,
Ross.” Jake nodded at Darci. “Miss.” He brushed past them and
out the door.
“What. Just. Happened?” The, “I’m done,” he
uttered in his delicious British accent seemed aimed more at her than at her
brother’s offer. And the fact he hadn’t even looked at her before stalking out
all sexy in his gloom and doom? Yeah, that hurt.
“I think you know, sis.” The amusement left her
brother’s face and sympathy glimmered in his gaze. “Question is, what are
you going to do about it?”

She’d never run from a fight in her life. She wouldn’t
start now. “Grab a table. I’ll be back in a second. Or not.” She
ignored her brother’s knowing grin and hurried out the door.


About the Author:
lives in California with her family and two feisty cats. She writes urban
fantasy and paranormal romance, and has a particular fondness for werewolves,
vampires, and the Fae. Her award-winning vampire series – The Tranquilli
Bloodline – is available from Champagne Books. Under A Mating Moon is her
second werewolf story for Decadent Publishing’s, multi-author, Black Hills
Wolves shifter line.

not writing, you’ll find Celia exercising, reading a good book, hanging with
her family, or indulging her addiction to Joss Whedon’s TV shows and movies.
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Exotic Racing Crusader By Jordana Mia Lexamy ♥ Book Blast


Exotic Racing Crusader Cover

Title: Exotic Racing Crusader
Series: Exotic Racers #1
Author: Jordana Mia Lezamy
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotica
Release Date: 31 March 2015
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It was my special day, an occasion to celebrate my life, when my entire future was rewritten and set on a new course with one look in his eyes.

Or was this always part of the destiny that I believed I could not run from?

As I watched him at the ILLEGAL STREET RACING SHOW I never planned on attending – I was certain of one thing about his speed and velocity behind a wheel of a car:

ONLY GOD is capable of catching him when he races.

The moment we met, there was no looking back at a past life that led me down a darkened and lonely road any longer.

Before him I had never dated anyone.

Before him I lead a normal good-girl life.

With him my PLUS SIZE CURVES and unique facial features are loved and adored beyond a passionate and lustful extent.

Beside him I became queen to the leader of an EXOTIC CARS RACING EMPIRE.

As fate would have it, regrets collected like old friends ready to relive both our most agonizing moments.

It’s always darkest before the dawn, but to see the sunrise, there are SEVEN words of HIS racing team pledge barricading the way at the end of the finish line:








Cauterized words onto his soul that will decide if he is either a villain or a saviour.

The ultimate sacrifice of defying his most cardinal law for me must be decided by him alone.

Which will he choose?

Which will he let go of?

Which means more?

This is our journey.

This is where our racing legacy with fast cars begin.

Contemporary, Erotica, New Adult, Romance : Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Exotic Racing Crusader t4
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 Amazon CA: 
 Amazon UK: 
Author Biopng “You can’t run from Destiny…All Roads Lead to the same destination.” – I live by this self-made motto. 

I’m addicted to Italian Ice-Cream & Exotic Fast Cards. *this will be made VERY clear in my book*
I am a plus size, full figured girl and so is my leading lady in my debut novel.
Single, 28 years of age, I am the middle sibling to an older brother and a younger sister,I am loud, funny and I have no shame in life.

I only read dark themed novel or extreme alpha male storylines and I am addicted to music more than the average human should be. I cannot live without it, especially 90’s music.
I first started writing at the age of 13 years old where I had won awards in school for my writing skills and original storylines.
My debut series, Exotic Racers: Exotic Racing Crusader + Exotic Racing Commander + Exotic Racing Conqueror are all to be released in 2015
Exotic Racing Crusader t1
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A.M. Willard Promotions

AM Willard Collage
Love On The Screen
Lover On The Screen Cover


In this Mature Contemporary Romance, A.M. Willard brings
you a novella that’s not only romantic, but sexy.
Online dating is the new thing for those who are in search
of true love.
Amalia Livingston has dated every guy possible, and still
hasn’t found the one that ignites a spark within her body. Her best friends add
her profile to the latest dating site, and with nothing left to lose she dives
in for one last try.
Lennox Taylor, construction worker by day, and online
dating site creator by night. Bored with the same routine, he sets out for
adventure on his latest creation. The only thing he wasn’t prepared for was the
profile he was matched with.


Love On The Screen Teaser 1


Love On the Screen Teaser 2


Love On The Screen Teaser 3


Love On The Screen Teaser 4
Buy Link:

Night Series
One Night Series Cover

Angela Stephens is happy isn’t she? She’s married and has
the career she’s always wanted. Traveling the world has always been Angela’s
dream, but what happens when the distance between her and Christopher is put to
the test. Will Angela give in to one night of pure bliss with a stranger?
More Night
Can Angela save her marriage? Does she want to? Will her
one night with Logan Black be just that, or will he find his way into her
heart? What secrets is Christopher keeping from her? Is it too late for Angela
to have it all? Will she find true happiness and love, along with the family
she has always yearned for?
All Angela Stephens ever wanted was a career, a faithful
husband and a family. When her heart was shattered, Logan Black swooped in to
pick up the pieces.
Does a marriage full of secrets and lies hold Angela back
from her one true love?
Logan Black has it all, but when he met Angela Stephens he
realized what was missing.
Will Angela be able to tame the ultimate playboy?
Will Logan and Angela chose a Forever Night?
For Mature Readers


One Night Tease


One More Night Teaser


Forever Night Teaser
Buy Link:


Unexpected Chance
Unexpected Chances Cover
Tabitha Michaelson: the fun loving, sassy girl who loves
anything that sparkles. What you might not know is, she
took an oath years ago
with her brother Seth, vowing to lock their hearts and
throw away the key. She
has spent years keeping up the happy façade and not letting
anyone get close.
It’s not until a chance meeting that Tabitha meets her
in Carter Northwood.
Here’s a man whose life has been filled with lies, threats,
and tangled webs of disaster. Carter knows that if he takes
this chance at true
love, the world around him will tumble down like a spiral
Two hearts meld to form a single beat from the start. A
of trust, infinite love, and a longing for each other’s


Unexpected Chances Teaser 4


Unexpected Chances Teaser 1


Unexpected Chances Teaser 2


Unexpected Chances Teaser 3
Buy Link:


About the Author:

A.M. Willard
A.M. Willard is a true believer of soul mates, and happy
ever after’s. She enjoys reading, sailing, and of course writing contemporary
romance with some saucy scenes. Releasing her first novella of the One Night
Series on April 12, 2014 has sent her on a new journey in life.
A.M.’s passion for writing started at a young age, but with the love and
support from her husband of eighteen years pushed her to follow her dreams.
Once she hit that first publish button, she hasn’t looked back.

Publications available from A.M. Willard include the Chances Series, Love on
the Screen, and everyone’s favorite the One Night Series. She’s also had an
article published in the Writer’s Monthly Review Magazine.

A.M. Willard was born and raised in the Panhandle of Florida, but resides in
Savannah Ga with her husband, son, two cats, one rotten dog, and her six
chickens. Yes, we said chickens…

You can connect with A.M. Willard on her website or subscribe
to her newsletter for the latest releases, teasers and sale alerts;

Stalk Links:
Facebook Author Page:
Twitter: @AMWillard1 or
Author Page:
Blog –


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