Alasdair By Ella Frank ♥ Book Promo & 4.5 Star Review



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Bestowed with eternal life by the Ancient Vasilios, Alasdair Kyriakous is one of the most feared and ruthless vampires in existence. His name carries weight across all of the seven continents.

But he is a mystery to his kind, an anomaly among the self-indulgent. While he enjoys the pleasures of the flesh, he is exceptionally particular in his choice of partners and prides himself on his ironclad self-control.

Yet with one look his control will become a thing of the past, and Alasdair will discover that eternal life doesn’t always last forever…


Thrust into a world he could never have imagined, Leo Chapel awakens in his worst nightmare. Taken hostage by the dangerously mesmerizing vampire, Alasdair, Leo must rely on his intelligence to escape before he reveals a secret he isn’t even aware he’s hiding.


Unaware that they’ve been brought together by an outside force and are little more than pawns to a higher power, Alasdair and Leo spend time trying to uncover the other’s secrets, the attraction between them growing stronger all the while.

But enemies are watching and preparing to act against them.  When decisions that will alter lives and destinies have to be made—can a dead, grey heart learn to beat again?




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I wanted a change from what I had been reading and decided to go with the time of year it is, where everyone is looking for the dark and mysterious. This is the second read from Ella Franks I have taken on as an ARC and have to say that I am yet to be disappointed.

Alasdair is the sire of one of the accident known as Vasilios. Alasdair is fear by many because of his ruthlessness and fearless outlook on things.

Alasdair is extremely choosey when it comes to who he is with even though he has so trouble with enjoying the flesh. Then one night his is drawn to Leo, not able to let the attraction to him go, Alasdair begins the hunt.  Alasdair having desire that he has never felt before knowing this is desire that is forbidden. He refuses to give up till he has a taste of what he wants. Even though the taste he carves could take his life.

You talk about one very hot book. So many alpha’s and so much sexual tension this book is a must read. Alasdair alone will light this book on fire, one minute you’re going to be in love with him and the next you’re going to want to rip his head off. Leo is the history geek that you just have to love and want to protect. Just as you think that Alasdair and Leo will get their chance something or someone is put in their path. Yes there is a cliffhanger that is so well placed you will be screaming that it can’t stop there. This is one read that is going to be place on my favorites for the year!! Looking forward to the next chapter in this story. 


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About the Author:

Ella Frank

Ella Frank is the author of the #1 Bestselling Temptation series, including Try, Take, and Trust and is the co-author of the fan-favorite erotic serial, A Desperate Man. Her Exquisite series has been praised as “scorching hot!” and “enticingly sexy!”

A life-long fan of the romance genre, Ella writes contemporary and erotic fiction and lives with her husband in Portland, OR. You can reach her on the web at and on Facebook at

Some of her favorite authors include Tiffany Reisz, Kresley Cole, Riley Hart, J.R. Ward, Erika Wilde, Gena Showalter, and Carly Philips.

Website § Twitter § Facebook § Goodreads


“Why won’t you just leave me alone?” he finally asked as Alasdair came to a standstill by the kitchen table. “First, you terrorize me, then you kidnap me, and now, you’re hell-bent on destroying my life. If this is your version of playing with your food, I think you’ve taken it far enough.”

Alasdair’s brow rose as he studied him. “Haven’t you awoken in a particularly spirited mood? Thanos was right. I like it,” he said, his tone dropping a few octaves. “It’s more fitting of you.”

“You know nothing about me. And I’m positive you care even less,” he grit out, his anger rising inside him now as he bravely stepped closer. “Why haven’t you killed me? I don’t get what your deal is. Are you bored? Defective? Or something else I haven’t thought of?”

The words fell off his tongue and hovered in the air between them like a provocative dare. He wasn’t sure how Alasdair would react, but before he could continue, he was crushed back against the sink. His hands were trapped behind his back, and the counter dug into his hips as Alasdair held him in place.

“I assure you I am certainly not defective. And you should stop talking. Your words, they will get you—”

“What, killed? You said you liked my newfound spirit. Now, all of a sudden, you don’t?”

“We vampires, we’re fickle creatures. We change our minds every split second,” Alasdair said. “And right now, I’d prefer you to shut your mouth. Or I’ll do it for you. Permanently.”

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Hunter by Rie Warren ♥ 4.5 Star Review & Release Blitz

Hunter RElease Banner
Title: Hunter
Series: Bad Boys of Retribution MC #1
Author: Rie Warren
Genre: Contemp Erotic Romance
Release Date: June 2, 2015
From the world of Carolina Bad Boys! Hunter Sexton is too hot to handle..
My call-sign is GHOST. My roadname, too. I keep my head down, stay off the grid, fly under the radar. I’m the rough, gruff, good guy who does bad things for pay.
JB is my most recent mistake. The MC babe is innocence wrapped up in a rockin’ body. Don’t get me wrong, she has a wicked side, too. She’s kickass in bed, when we make it that far. But she’s the ultimate wholesome good girl, and I don’t want to dirty her up.
Hey, no one said life was all fun and games, right?
Good girl? I prefer to think of myself as a rebellious hellion. I live my life like I ride my bike: carefree, in your face, and full throttle. My soft side? Well, that’s reserved for my job.
I’m not looking for love, and I certainly don’t need any relationship complications. Too bad complicated is the only way Hunter comes.
He’s a quiet, deadly storm. He prowls. He hunts me. He wants me. He’s sexy, sinful . . . secretive. Hunter will turn my life inside out no thanks to his dangerous past about to come back and bite us both in the ass.
Who’s gonna save us now?
Warning: Graphic sex, graphic action, graphic language. Triple X caution.

I was on a kick with MC reads and was offered a shot to review Hunter, so glad to say that I took that chance and ran with it. I have not read a Rie Warren book till Hunter, all I can say is I was missing a lot. Not only is she a great writer but she is one that can keep the pages turning.

Hunter better known to most as Ghost is the bad boy all are momma’s warned us about. His is sexy as hell and one man you just can’t get enough of. He walks in a room and you just know nothing is going to get past him.

He is knocked on his butt when JB walks in the club. Ghost might be able to say he wants not part of her but his heart has other plans. JB is a little mystery in one hot package. She knows what she wants and takes it.

I can’t wait to see what come next for these two. One great hot read that any Romance fanatic will love. Rie amazing job!

Stalking to her, I kept my gaze locked on
hers. “Enough sightseeing.” I returned the photo to its place.
“Something else you want to see?” Wide
innocent eyes the color of a night sky delved into mine.
“Yeah. You. Naked.” On my bed.
I lead her upstairs without another word
spoken. In my bedroom, I switched on a small light because I was not about to
waste this opportunity. Our lips crashed together, and hers were warm and
pliable, her tongue motherfucking acrobatic as it danced and dived around mine.
For a moment, we tasted each other outside of our mouths, lips held open,
tongues touching, and it was so hot I broke away with a groan.
“I need . . .”
“What do you need, baby?” JB’s voice had
lowered to a dirty gritty lusty tone.
My cock lay at an awkward angle inside the
constricting jeans. I popped open the top buttons, worked my hand inside, and
straightened myself. The wet engorged tip kissed my stomach, stretching beyond
the waist of my jeans. “Needed some breathing room.”
“Show me.”
I arched an eyebrow.
“If your cock’s so hard because of me you
can’t fit in your jeans anymore, I deserve to see what I’m getting.”
Far be it for me to argue. I drew my shirt
off and tossed it aside.
My cock needed no coercion making an
appearance. Another couple inches pulsed out of the opening, splitting the
denim wide.
“Good lord,” JB gasped. “You’ve got girth.”
My shoulders shook with a laugh. “Girth?”
“Holy shit, yeah. You’re . . . um”—she pulled her top lip through her
teeth, leaving it shiny and still lipstick red—“thick as my wrist. See?”
She lined up her hand with my shaft butting
out of the jeans. My thighs tensed at the touch of her skin against mine. I
glanced down then slammed my eyes shut. She wasn’t wrong.
“Oh my God.” Her hands flew to my chest,
and I looked at her through half-slit eyes.
Her touch ignited the fire racing to my
nads. “What?”
“Chest hair, too. Sexy.” She tweaked my
flat brown nipples and I shuddered hard.
I was a man, yeah I had chest hair, a black
smattering across my pecs that formed a straight line down my abs and beyond.
She seemed to approve, rubbing her cheek
against the light pelt then attaching her hot moist mouth to my skin, on the
move to my stomach.
“Not so fast.” I pulled her up. “Fair’s
fair. Top off.”
Crossing both arms at the hem, she winked
before pulling the longsleeve up and off. Encased in a sheer black bra, her
tits bounced, and her nipples were dark, coin-sized, pebbled. As I’d imagined,
hoped, fantasized, she had tiny dots of freckles on her shoulders and across
the high, full, creamy mounds.
Pulling her to my chest, I looked down her
back. Those tempting butterfly tats increased in size the lower they were inked
on her spine until the largest—bright blue, violet, and black—decorated her
skin just above the dimples of her ass.
Finding what I was looking for, I snapped
open the clasp of her bra. I hooked one strap then the other off her shoulders.
When I pushed JB a step back, the bra fell to floor.
I ran my hands from the flair of her hips
to the indent of her waist, over her ribs and up to her breasts. Cupping the
twin mounds of so-soft flesh, I watched her plum-colored  nipples peek between my fingers.
“Gorgeous.” I bent, kissing one nub with a
lingering suck then the other. I crouched even farther, trailing the tip of my
tongue from her belly button and up through her deep cleavage. “Freckles,” I
moaned. “I love your freckles.”
I tongued all the little dots I could find,
palming her generous tits, scraping my thumbs across her nipples.
She raked her fingers through my hair
before tugging on it. “My turn to see more.”
I stared at her breasts, frowning. “For a
small woman, you sure are bossy.”
JB cupped her tits, pinching her nipples.


“You’ve got a beautiful cock, Hunter.”
Oh dear God!
“Gonna suck it so good now.”
She slid her lips up one side of my shaft then the other. I watched, out
of my head horny.
When her saliva mixed with my precome, she smacked her lips against the
engorged purple head. She sucked on me, just to the rim and back.
“Is this what you wanted?” JB looked up with big innocent eyes. “Want to
feel dirty with me?”
I held her face between my hands and drove up into her mouth.
After that first touch, I let her blow me how she wanted. My toes curled.
My back bowed. I pulled the bottom sheet clear off the bed and struggled to
hold back.
She came up for a breather with a smile, holding my cock in her hand. She
stroked me, looking at the bulge of veins that stood in relief when she
squeezed tighter.
“Can’t get you all the way inside, but maybe you’ll like this.” She
flipped her hair forward and wrapped the silky strands around the base of my
She went back to sucking and kissing my tip, stroking my length with her
hair. The thought of the smell of my cock on her hair pulled a loud shout from
My balls drew up, turned hard, and almost traveled inside my body, my
release was so imminent. But Jessica released me, blowing a hot soft stream of
breath along my shaft.
“Fuck,” I growled. “Please. Need to come.”
She skimmed her teeth along the helmet of my head, and gently bit down.
My head knocked back.
“My big tough man likes that?” She bit me again. “You like it a little
The pain was just enough to heighten my senses, the soft lips afterward
mind-blowingly intense. “God, Jessica . . . what you do to me should be


An hour later, I slid onto my motorcycle.
Helmet in hand, I ramped the Deus Grievous Angel to life.
JB materialized next to me, huddling inside
her padded leather jacket. “Sorry about before. Rayce has issues.”
“And where’s your bodyguard now?”
“I don’t need one.” She unfolded her arms,
and her jacket gaped open at her chest. She took my helmet from my hands and
slung it onto the handlebar.
“Beg to differ.” She definitely needed
protection from me.
JB made the first move, I’d testify to that
shit in court. She leaned over me and licked her lips. Then my hands were in
her hair, burrowing deeper, and I dragged her to my mouth. She straddled me
when I lifted her onto my lap. The moist touch of her tongue parted my lips.
I groaned, opening up to her talented
lunges, following the sleek kisses into her mouth where our tongues collided. I
wanted to thrust down her throat with my cock. Rip her pants apart and fuck her
until she screamed. Take her on my motorcycle and spray my come all over her
body. The intensity of my reaction steered all coherent thought from my head.
The soul-searing kiss lit me up inside. I
wanted more.
Bad move. One of my worst. I’d regret it
later. Right now I’d savor the way JB moaned, riding my thigh, getting off on
I wanted to have this for one more minute.
wanted her.
I couldn’t have her. I shouldn’t stain her.
My soul wasn’t even intact.
With a growl, I pushed her off me. I
steadied her with a hand on her hip as she found her footing.
“What’s your
problem?” JB frowned, her lips swollen from my kisses.
“I can’t. Not with you. Not like this.” I
wouldn’t meet her eyes.
“Damn right you can’t. I’m too good for
you.” She zipped her jacket all the way to the chin.
Nothing hotter than a woman with an
attitude who knew what she wanted, but I couldn’t take advantage.
“Exactly.” I throttled my raging black bike,
shouting over the roar of pipes, “We agree. Never gonna happen.”
Peeling out of the parking lot, I glanced
back one last time. Big mistake. JB stood under the halo of a streetlight with
one stiff middle finger raised in my direction. And I wanted her even more.
gonna happen.
Only one good thing had come out of my life, and I had
nothing left to give. 


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Hunter Teaser 2


Hunter Teaser 3


Rie Warren
Rie is the badass, sassafras author of Sugar Daddy and the Don’t Tell series–a breakthrough trilogy that crosses traditional publishing boundaries beginning with In His Command. Her latest endeavors include the Carolina Bad Boys, a fun, hot, and southern-sexy series.
A Yankee transplant who has traveled the world, Rie started out a writer—causing her college professor to blush over her erotic poetry without one ounce of shame. Not much has changed. She swapped pen for paintbrushes and followed her other love during her twenties. From art school to marriage to children and many a wild and wonderful journey in between, Rie has come home to her calling. Her work has been called edgy, daring, and some of the sexiest smut around.
You can connect with Rie via the social media hangouts listed on her website She is represented by Saritza Hernandez, Corvisiero Literary Agency.

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Exotic Desires Vol. II by M.S. Parker ♥ 4.5 Star Review & Blog Tour







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When I discovered that Nami was born into royalty, I knew that she was right. Our worlds didn’t belong together. We needed to move on. The problem was, I didn’t know if I could.

Reed Stirling is trying hard to forget ever meeting the exotic princess who crossed his path in Europe, but as much as he’s trying, he can’t. As he heads back to Philadelphia, he knows he has a choice to make, a choice that is going to change the direction of his life forever.

All Nami Carr wanted was to experience a couple days like a normal person. She’d told herself that she could let Reed go and focus on her duty for her country. Now, she isn’t so sure.

Don’t miss the exciting second book of M.S. Parker’s newest smoking series, Exotic Desires.

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This story was one that I didn’t know what it was going to be about going in to it. I decided to read this on because it was from M. S Parker. I’ve read some of her work in the past and have always enjoyed it.  This one was no different. 

You are pulled in to a story of guy that is trying to find his place in life after being under his parents influence all his life. He has made some pretty bad choices in life and is now facing them. He comes to meet someone that turns his world upside down and that he knows is worth so much more.  After Reed and Nami spend a day of just being normal people together without that the influences of their parents, these two know there is something special between them that can’t be carried any further then their one normal day. 

These two burns the pages up and leave you wanting so much more for them. Will there ever be a chance for them to be more than just a fun couple days of fun or will duty and life keep them from finding their true happiness.  

This is an amazing hot read that I could not put down and I’m eagerly awaiting the next part of the story. 

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Outdoor portrait of a nice looking young man in sweater

Outdoor portrait of a nice looking young man in sweater

Closeup portrait of the sensual young lovers

Closeup portrait of the sensual young lovers

Young good looking businessman in suit

Young good looking businessman in suit

*** EXOTIC DESIRES SERIES ***ExoticDesires1Cover


button About the authorM.S. Parker is a USA Today Bestselling author and the author of the Erotic Romance series, Club Privè and Chasing Perfection.

Living in Southern California, she enjoys sitting by the pool with her laptop writing on her next spicy romance.

Growing up all she wanted to be was a dancer, actor or author. So far only the latter has come true but M. S. Parker hasn’t retired her dancing shoes just yet. She is still waiting for the call for her to appear on Dancing With The Stars.

When M. S. isn’t writing, she can usually be found reading- oops, scratch that! She is always writing.

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Single Vol Two By Lyra Parish ♥ Release Blitz & 4.5 Star Review



Single: Volume Two

Lyra Parish

Erotic Romance Serial

March 9, 2015




Sometimes love can be cruel. Not that Roxane has fallen in love but the one man she found interesting has crossed from her personal life into her professional one which makes life complicated.

Parker Williams doesn’t take no for an answer, not that Roxane would deny him anyway.
He has his own set of rules that must be followed while hers are being crossed through like a to-do list.

When a person falls in love, it’s supposed to be easy but it’s much more complex than either realized it could be.
Roxane’s control is slipping along with every opinion she had about love. This time, it feels different. This time, it finally feels right.

Slowly she realizes how much is at stake, but she is only concerned about losing one thing—her heart.



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“Are you fucking kidding me, Rox?” Stacey screamed into the phone. There was music blaring in the background, and I heard the clicking of a camera lens and loud flashes. I could only imagine how many umbrellas were set up for the shoot. She was at her next spread for Cover Girl, but decided to stop the presses just for me.

“I wish I were,” I said, remembering his lips on my thighs and the taste of him in my mouth. “He’s intoxicating.” My words seemed to drift away into the open space of the car as I accelerated onto the 610 Loop.

“Oh my god,” she said. “The airiness in your tone, the pauses between your sentences—you fucking liiiiiiiiike him, don’t you?”

I couldn’t admit that, not right now. It was too soon, way too soon. Actually, only hours after the incident, as I now termed it. I couldn’t even tell Stacey what exactly had happened, just that something had happened. Her imagination was dirty, so I’m sure she could figure it out with just a few hints. Honestly, if I even said a peep about it, or about how Parker Williams made me feel, she would be declaring her victory. I might as well just hand her the crown.

The incident had shifted everything I once thought I believed, and everything I had tried to avoid. I couldn’t deny that when I closed my eyes, his face was the one I saw. Those piercing blue eyes were burned into my retinas. I knew the smile permanently attached to my lips existed for one reason. Or if one wanted to get technical, it was the messy brown hair, blue eyes, and that sexy voice that almost made my knees go weak.

Oh my god.

Was I having a revelation?

Yes, I was having a revelation. Maybe I wasn’t in control of how I felt anymore? But that couldn’t be. Not after being with someone only once. The chase was over, wasn’t it? Fuuuuucccckkkkkk me! The heart was trying to control me, but I couldn’t let it. Even the heart had weaknesses. Love was the equivalent of stabbing a dagger into a heart and twisting. Okay, maybe it wasn’t that dramatic, but it felt like it to me.

“No. Of course not,” I said after a long pause. I was lost in my thoughts, and Stacey, being the way she was, noticed.

“I wish I could see your face right now, because I know you’re lying. I know you are trying to feed me lies, Roxane VanBuren, and I’m not having it. I want every single dirty little detail of what happened, and not just, ‘we moved to second base,’ got it?”

A man’s voice yelled in the background about how models should get off their damn phones and actually work today.

“I’ve got to go. Darrell is being such a douche. I swear his glitter panties are in a knot right now … but this isn’t over.”

More yells followed, and she said her goodbyes after cursing loudly that it was an emergency and people needed to shut the hell up.

My heart raced at the thought of what was happening to me. I had to deny this at all costs. I couldn’t be in like. I had never fallen for someone so soon. No way. And if I started admitting it, even to myself, it would be trouble.

I knew it sounded so silly to be in like, but it was the first step to love. All I could think of was that stupid childhood chant that we all sang to agitate people who were in like. Roxy and Parker sitting in a tree … next thing there would k-i-s-s-i-n-g, love, then a baby in a baby carriage. Hell no. No. There were no babies in my future.


Single, Volume One


Amazon | B&N | Kobo

After failing miserably at love, Roxane VanBuren swears off men but not before her determined best friend shows her all the advantages of being single. After a wild weekend full of sex, old-flames, and secrets, Roxane is desperate to forget it ever happened. But she learns it isn’t that easy.

Since becoming the President of VanBuren Investments, she knows how important it is for her professional and personal life to remain separate from one another. If the two were to mix, the rumors could possibly ruin her reputation, which is bad for her and bad for business. To avoid that, Roxane allows rules to define and guide her every move. Unfortunately for her, Parker Williams is determined to break them all, one at a time.



I was given the chance to review both Single Vol. 1 and Single Vol. 2. I have to tell you they are both great fast fun reads!

Single Vol. 1:

Single Vol 1 gets you going to give you just enough of the story to keep you hooked and then… You guessed it cliffhanger! You get to know Roxane who has shut herself off from love. She just wants to scratch that itch from time to time and enjoy life without the complication of love.  She has had her fair share of let downs, determined she done with men. When her best friend decides to show her just how much fun you can have if you let loose a little. Coming face to face with an ex that you feel you want to push her too, then in walk Parker, who turns the tables and you are left not knowing which one you want to see her try a relationship with. Parker is so ready to take on Roxane on she is a challenge that he just refuses to give up.

Single Vol. 2:

Blown away!  I enjoyed the ups and downs in this book. When Parker walks in and shakes up Roxane world you just can’t put the book down. Roxane bond and determined to keep Parker as just a fling, seems to have her world up ended when Parker decides he wants much more from her. You’re going to laugh, scream and want to pull your hair out at times. These two light the pages up and keep things rolling. Parker knows what he wants and willing to win at all cost, Roxane is just as determined and always wins. The battle of wills with them is so fun to see play out. Just when you know they have found the right road something is tossed into the mix and has them running the other way. I enjoyed the suspense, this red delivers. Amazing work! Looking forward to more from Lyra!


About the Author


Lyra Parish loves to write, travel, and sing obnoxiously loud at the top of her lungs in the shower. Sweet love stories (along with the dirty ones) make her gush. She is a firm believer that a person can never have too many cats, cups of coffee, or read too many happily ever afters. When she isn’t busy writing, she can be found sipping various beverages from her non-alcoholic drink buffet, pimp slapping excel spreadsheets, or riding her bike. Lyra currently resides in Texas with her glass blowing, guitar playing hubby and black cat.


Connect with Lyra

Facebook | Goodreads | Amazon | TSU | Website



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Arks Of Octava By Lucian Bane ♥ Blog Tour & Review


Arks of Octava

The Scribbler Guardian

by bestselling author

Lucian Bane

Octava Cover

Arks of Octava

The Scribbler Guardian


Fantasy Romance Series, The Trilogy Begins

Jeramiah Poe isn’t just any character in the Realm of Fiction; he is Muse Master—Destiny Diviner—Mysterious Miskriat. Being of neither the Traditional Genre Provinces nor Independent, Poe enjoys an eternal lease on life, so long as his Scribbler keeps him out of publication.

Poe meets Kane, a seven-year-old boy from the Independent Horror Province, where he learns ancient codes are being broken and the horror that should be an act, is real.

But the evil clutching Octava is not new and Seven Arks have been sent to Earth to stop it.

Only something has gone wrong and Poe is commissioned as and the 8th Ark of Octava to discover what has become of the Seven.

But his passage to Earth comes with revelations he’s not prepared for. Not only does his Scribbler not know of his existence, he’s a she that his human form seems allergic to.

Poe soon realizes that with each Ark he locates, his powers grow along with his feelings for the Scribbler. And the enemy will try and use both to gain control of the two realms.




“Mr. Poe?” Poe turned abruptly at the worried sound of Kane’s voice, and panicked at seeing his body had gone translucent. “I have to go now, Mr. Poe.”

“What’s wrong?” Poe reached for him and his hands passed through the boy. “Kane! Are you dying in your story?”

“I have to get back Mr. Poe. They’re coming now.”

“Why are you crying? You’ll come back first chance. I’ll be here. Do you know the name of your story, Kane?”

“I’m scared, Mr. Poe.”

The real fear in the boy’s voice alarmed him and before he could ask anything else, he was gone. A flash of panic sent Poe shooting into the air and out of the bog, aiming for Octava’s Athenaeum. He landed too quickly and went sprawling for several feet before bounding up and running up the hundred flight stairs of the realm’s library. Poe flashed his credentials as he walked in and the head Athenaeum Officer nodded. He didn’t have time to fiddle with the intricate Library’s search program and found instead the Librarian. “I need help locating a story, it’s direly important.”

The woman turned ever so slowly, her curt expression matching her pristine white dress-suit—the Athenaeum’s dress code. “Genre?”

“Horror,” he shot out.

She raised a brow for more information and Poe shook his head. “I don’t know, search them all.”

Her painful pace indicated the necessity of speed one never needed in Octava. “Do you happen to have a title?”


She shook her head with raised brows at the screen. “There are thousands here. We could be here all day and evening.” But her tone indicated that was quite fine, she had nothing better to do.

“Kane!” Poe forgot he could search by name in the cast. “There’s a character named Kane in it.”

“Last name?”

“Not sure, I don’t think so, I think it’s his first.”

“I mean do you have a last name.”

“No, I don’t.” Poe wanted to strangle himself for not getting something so simple all this time.

“Traditional or non?”

“I don’t know,” Poe gasped.

The woman eyed Poe with confused concern before fluttering her fingers over the glass surface of the screen. “I find four possible matches.”

“The boy is seven. Look for a seven-year-old.”

“Ah. Sons of Insurrection. Has to be that one. It’s Independent and an SG. Paranormal Horror.”

“Coordinates,” Poe begged, trying not to yell.

He ran out the second she gave the information and took to the air upon exiting the building, barely missing several security officials in winged flight. Within five minutes, he landed at the story set. A dingy, rundown hospital with a dilapidation befitting the best of any horror story. The energy in the air sent a sensation through Poe that drew tiny bumps to the surface of his skin and a tingling along his spine.

Octava’s laws forbid anybody to barge right into a Story and so Poe had to carefully study the set around him. Spotting a lower window at the very bottom of the building, he hurried to it, remembering Kane’s comment about his playhouse under the stairs. Lowering to the ground he peered through the darkness. Nothing. Poe listened, closing his eyes, fighting to connect with the energy inside the insidious place.



Let me start off by saying this man is an amazing writer. He tells his stories so well you can picture yourself right there with the characters as things unfold. I do have to say that this was not one of my favorites from Lucian’s that said it all on me. I’m not real big on fantasy books. I knew going in to this what it was and told myself to keep an open mind, glad I did. I started reading Arks Of Octava and thought what the hell did I get myself into.  The story is great and engaging. I have to say I’m glad I did give this one a shot the story took shape it pulls you in and keeps you wondering what is around the next bend. By the end of Poe and his scribbler’s journey you are hooked. I was very surprised how much more I got in to the story as I read. If you’re not a fantasy fan and refuse to give this one a try you will be missing out if you don’t give this read a try. I will be reading more from this series with a very open mind.



Lucian’s Bio

Welcome to my world

My name is Lucian Bane and I’ve heard from many that I’m the odd one out. But really, I’m just a Husband, an Author, and a Christian Dom. Ah, maybe that’s the one that makes everybody pause. Oxymoron? Not at all.

As an author, I like to write stories—paranormal erotica—contemporary erotica and fantasy romance about men who honor, cherish, and protect the women they love. But more importantly, I also attempt to make these stories a reality for couples everywhere by teaching them in the form of fiction how to add heat and passion to marriages and relationships that might not have it. Teach them how to build life-long commitments that form strong families, like I have with my own beautiful wife.

I think there are many men like myself, and I hope my writing will be a map for them. A map for women as well, to teach them how to bring out the Dom that exists within the men they call boyfriend or husband.

As young men, our inner Doms need a master to train them. I once bowed to my inner Dom’s reckless and tireless desires, but when I gave myself to God and conformed my will to His, the transformation made me into what I am today. What many would call an Ineffable Dom. But its equal term in the Vanilla world, in my opinion, is simply a real man.


Ark Of Octava cado dark new colors

You can find more on this series and Lucian at these links:


Facebook Author Page:



Amazon Author Page



sound scribbler


Arks of Octava series page

oct tease


Lucian has several series out. Dom Wars, White Knight Dom Academy, Ruin, and now Arks of Octava, they can all be found on his Amazon page.


Slam (The Completion Series) By Holly S. Roberts ♥ Blog Tour & 4.5 Stars Review

Slam_TourBannerTitle: Slam
Series: The Completion Series #4
Author: Holly S. Roberts
Genre: Adult, Erotic/Sport Romance
Release Date: January 27, 2015
Olivia Stradmore, daughter to Senator Jonathan Stradmore, has one goal in life—win her fifth grand slam tennis title in as many years.
Olivia doesn’t have time for a stalker who disapproves of her less than modest life choices. She enjoys the occasional tennis pro in bed, short skirts, and the chance to free her wild side.
Her dreams take a turn when her stalker, known only as Ty, runs over her with a van and puts her in the hospital. Ty will stop at nothing to possess what he covets.
Enter bodyguard Brack Jacobs—hair too long, attitude too uptight, and body too damn hot.
Brack has a job to do and sleeping with a target is not in the target’s best interest. Doesn’t matter that Olivia is sexy as hell and bent on adding a notch to her bedpost with Brack’s name on it.
Life is not as straightforward as it seems and deadly consequences await them both.
Can Olivia change Brack’s mind and turn a spark of desire into a raging inferno? Will Brack survive the flames or would slam, bam, thank you ma’am be his safest bet?
– A Completion Sports Book. Expect erotic sex, an alpha male, and more balls than a girl knows what to do with.

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Pressure Point By Oliva Luck ♥ Release Blitz & 4.5 Star Review


Pressure Point Release Day

Release Day Blitz

Pressure Point Cover

Book Title: Pressure Point
Author: Olivia Luck
Genre: New Adult
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Book Blurb

I know what you’re thinking. It’s unconventional to want a man nine years older than you. It’s inconvenient to crush on your dearest friend’s older brother. It’s silly to pine after a man for six years. It’s cliché to lust after a celebrity. It’s pathetic to fall in love with a man who barely knows you exist.

I know what you’re thinking because I’ve thought it all, too. And yet that hasn’t stopped me from wanting Blake Campbell. Charming, gorgeous, brilliant, kind, selfless – Blake is everything I’ve ever wanted, but he doesn’t see me that way. In fact, he hardly noticed me until one night.

Traumatic events brought us together for the first time, but then he tossed me aside. I know it’s irrational, but I wanted him up until the moment he left me lying there alone.

When his eyes finally open and he finds out I’ve left, will it be too late?



I enjoyed this story a lot. At time I did feel that it was dragged out a little longer than it should have been but not bad. You are drawn in to this story and you can’t put this one down. Stella just takes you and when you add Zoe in the mix these two explode off the pages. Aww we can’t forget Blake, alpha man that you love but want to walk up to and tell him to get his crap together! Blake and Stella push their feeling for each other aside till they can’t anymore. Zoe goes through an event that pushes Stella and Blake together. They fight against the draw that both have and do some pretty harsh things to each other. The road they all find themselves on brings you to your knees and has you wondering can they find the happiness they deserve. 

One read you can’t put down! 


They say life is about choices. You spend your life making decisions and dealing with the consequences, whether they are positive or negative. In my tumultuous frame of mind, I make a choice. A very poorly thought out choice, but one that I have to live with, nevertheless.

As soon as Cassidy finishes her encore, I tell the girls that we’re going backstage to meet the singer. They follow behind the private elevator to the lower level of the Chi Center, talking giddily. I push their voices out of my mind, leading them with long, purposeful strides.

There are perks to owning the joint. The security guards clear the way for me, knowing not to bother me when I’m in a foul mood.
With a short knock, I push my way into Cassidy’s crowded backstage room. The moment she lays her fake-eyelash covered gaze on me, she squeals. The sound hurts my ears, but I pretend it doesn’t.

“Blake Campbell, I didn’t know you were coming back here!” She literally launches herself at me, latching her over tanned arms around my neck and thrusting her glitter-speckled tits against my chest.

And then, in plain sight of Stella, I yank the pop star into my arms and thrust my tongue down her throat.

You are a moron.


Pressure Point Teaser 4

Meet the Author

Olivia Luck lives in the middle of America with her loving husband and her obsession with writing. She wrote her first romance novel at age eight. When she’s not reading, editing, or writing, you can find her in the kitchen learning to cook. Olivia loves to travel and spend time with her family.

Get in touch with Olivia, she adores emails:

Social Media

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Contractual By Alice Tribue ♥ Release Day Blitz & Review



Contractual RDB Banner




Title: Contractual

Author: Alice Tribue

 Release Date: January 26, 2015




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Finding Parker By Scott Hildreth ♥ Promo Tour & 4.5 Star Review



 finding parker cover


Finding Parker Synopsis

“Life’s greatest treasures will never be held, purchased, or bartered for. They will only be felt.”

Parker Bale has is a gentlemen is all respects. After graduating college and beginning the exhausting search for a job, he’s offered employment, unlimited expenses, and a new BMW by an extremely wealthy eccentric stranger. His new job?

Finding a woman to love. Not a particular woman, but he must look in a particular place. And he must sign a contract. Eagerly, he signs the contract without reading it.

Victoria Fisker’s father died immediately after her birth. Her bed-ridden mother’s addiction to pain pills requires her to be at home every moment she isn’t working as a prep cook. She has never been in love, nor does she feel loved at home. She doesn’t particularly trust people, has no faith in the male species in general, and lives a quiet life keeping to herself.

When Parker meets Victoria, he’s immediately intrigued by her lack of interest in people and her comfort in being alone. Victoria, on the other hand, only recognizes Parker as being a male and believes therefore he can’t be trusted.

Finding Parker’s characters embark on a journey. A journey in which they soon realize they’re finding love where they least expect it. Love for friends, love for family which may not be blood related, and for that one person…

The one who gives you reason to believe for the first time love just may actually exist.

“We fear what we don’t understand, and we find serenity in what we’re incapable of understanding…”

“Having the ability to feel is the greatest gift God has ever given…”

“Ask yourself through the course of each day, if this were my last day on earth, would I do anything different?”

“Live every day as if you’re going to die at midnight…”

“The greatest rewards in life are provided to those who take the greatest risks…”

“One moment of unwelcomed silence is more disheartening than a lifetime of incessant screaming… And the silence deafens me…”



I was taken by the start of this book. There is a lot of mystery behind this story. Not sure where the story is going or what direction it might take. It pretty much stays this way and that make the draw to it that much more appeals to me. I did have a hang or two with the book nothing bad. It was more the way Scott was showing how Parker was in the writing, as he put it at one point Parker seemed to be like a textbook. Just the facts were given, nothing to draw you in to that moment that is taking place.

The greatest rewards in life are provided to those who take the greatest risks

 As Parker and Victoria get to know each other, Victoria pulls him out of this shell that he has been living in for the most part. She is one that takes the room by storm. You know she is perfect for parker. Kenton is very intriguing person not only being Parker boss but friend you don’t get to know much about him.  Kenton has a story but it’s going to be told a little at a time.

Life’s greatest treasures will never be held, purchased or bartered for. They will only be felt

Well written, the writing really pulls you in and gives you the feel of the characters.  This not being my typical choice of a book it was a very enjoyable read.


finding parker sdteaser1


finding Parker teaser2FP


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The Diary of Bink Cummings By Bink Cummings ♥ Blog Tour & 4.5 Star Review

I’m a biker, and I’m a woman, who was raised by my biker family.
Growing up an MC brat, I’ve known nothing but leather, booze, club whores, comradery, and bikes, my entire life.
My name is Eva “Bink” Cummings, and this is my story.
How at the ripe old age of thirty, with no husband, no kids, and being a part of a motorcycle club. Things aren’t always what they appear to be. I’ve found out the hard way, that your life, in an instant, can be flipped upside down. And the people you know and love aren’t always what they seem.
Steamy Adult romance
Warning: Contains Mature scenarios, and mass quantities of profanity. For Ages 18+
This is not a Stand Alone, Vol 2 will be released Feb 2015


When I first started this one I thought it wasn’t going to be one I enjoyed. I’ve never been a fan of a first person story. Bink all I can say is I love this woman’s attitude. She is not one to take shit or deal with it. I have a lot of respect for her. Once you get in this book you can’t stop reading. Bink puts her heart soul in to this book. You are taken in to her world and shown just how hard of a life it is. It has its good moments but it takes someone that is willing to stand their ground to live the life of a biker. You are taken in and feel like you are standing their living the life with her. I love this book. It pulls your emotions and some you didn’t know you had. I wanted to kill Big but then you just have to fall in love with the man. He is there to protect what is his and he will do it no matter the cost.

Amazingly written story!

It so much fun to see the batter between Bink and Big Dick they test each other to the breaking point. They want each other so much but yet fight it so hard. Makes you keep turning the pages to see what Bink is going to pull next. She loves pushing the buttons of all the men in her life. She gives as good as she gets if not better. You’re going to laugh and cry all at the same time.

I’m looking forward to the next peek in to Bink’s World.  Trust me you’re going to be rocked!!!!



I’m a biker, and I’m a woman, who was raised by my biker family the Sacred Sinners. Growing up an MC brat, I’ve known nothing but leather, booze, club whores, comradery, and bikes,my entire life. My name is Eva “Bink” Cummings,and this is my story. How at the ripe old age of thirty, with no husband, no kids, and being a part of a motorcycle club. Things aren’t always what they appear to be. I’ve found out the hard way, that your life, in an instant, can be flipped upside down. And the people you know and love aren’t always what they seem.


Releasing February 2, 2015

Amazon Amazon CA Amazon UK Amazon AU


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