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Girls’ Night In: A Collection of Short Stories by on the Cougarette Series
by Eliza David
Genre ~ “Cougar Lit”



Ladies don’t kiss and tell…but who’s talking about kissing?

When CeeCee gathers Laney, Trina, and Sheila in her living room on a cold Valentine’s Day evening, things heat up quickly. With the help of unlimited wine and plenty of laughs, the ladies of The Cougarette Series reveal all about their love lives in titillating first-person accounts. Secrets will be revealed and sexy tales will be told about:

• An affair with a neighbor,
• The seduction of a barely legal production assistant,
• A visit to a private club for exclusive clientele,
• How to make the lust last in marriage,
• And a late-night visitor cloaked in lies

BONUS: At the end of these five sensual stories will be the first chapter of the fifth book in The Cougarette Series, The Cougarette’s Secret. So, grab a glass of wine and join CeeCee and Company for a wild ride on a hot night in!


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My name is Eliza David and my genre is what I coin as ‘Cougar Lit’. I write about the fictional realities of flawed fortysomething women navigating life while dealing with experiences such as divorce, death, empty nests, career changes and sexual awakenings.

Even though I was born and raised in Chicago, I currently reside in Iowa City. When I’m not writing, working full time or raising my two children with my loving husband, I enjoy hobbies such as reading, fitness and the occasional bit of celebrity gossip. The Cougarette Series is my debut collection.

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