Addison Holmes Series by Liliana Hart


The Addison Holmes series is just one of those  that you can’t get enough of. Addison is that type of person that trouble just seems to follow no matter how good she tries to be. She is a free spirit  that seems to just live in the moment not thinking of the possible outcome of her actions.

I picked the first book in this series up not really knowing what to expect. I knew this was a Liliana Hart book but that it, I didn’t read the books synopses. I have read The MacKenzie Family Series knew I love that one and figured I would enjoy this one. I use to say that the Mackenzie was my favorite of hers but I don’t know anymore. Addison story just took hold and I could not put the books down. 

As I’m sure most of you know that this series has three books so far. (Hoping for many more!) The first in the series is Whiskey Rebellion, next up is Whiskey Sour and the most recent is Whiskey for Breakfast.


In Whiskey Rebellion Addison is trying to get her life back together after being left at the altar by her cheating fiance. Trying to gain some extra cash taking some side jobs on top of being a History teacher at the local high school. Addison finds her self with dead bodies piling up at her feet. She looks to her best friend to help her out since the stripper job just didn’t work out!

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Addison just can’t seem to say out of trouble. Not only does she have the handsome Nick in her life but now she has the tall dark and handsome FBI agent Matt Savage.  When put on a case that has Addison working with both Nick and Matt things can get a little hot under the collar.

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Addison just can’t stay out of trouble, she seems to find her self with more dead bodies and this time mixed with noise neighbors. She finds her self tracking billionaire’s  family that leads to more laughs and trouble along the way. Addison is now licensed to carry which makes for tons of laughs.

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