We Roam The Seas ( The Viking Dreams Series)


Wow I can actually say there is a historical romance that I like, We Roam The Seas by Theresa Marguerite Hewitt. I have been a BIG fan of her since I found The Wakefield Romance series.

When I first heard about her new book/series I thought it was one that I more than likely would not read, as I follow her promotion on this book it started to catch my attention. As you can all see I gave it a shot and fell in love with the book.

I will tell you now that Theresa is an author that will leave you hanging and wanting more at the end of a book. She gives you just enough to have you going in so many directions that you really never know what route she is going to take with a book! This is one thing I enjoy about her.


This is a very emotional story, Freya hand is given in marriage to a man that she has never know. She is taken from her father home to start a new life with her soon to-be husband. The need to be strong an honor her father’s wish and the fear of leaving everything that she has always known. Freya proves not only to be honorable but stronger than most that see her give her credit or.

Asgar is her soon to be husband who has never had the need to protect and want for a women till he lays eyes on Freya. His heart has always been the sea and to protect his people.

“My soul may roam the seas, looking for adventure,” he whispers placing his forehead against hers as he pulls himself from her, lowering her to the ground,” but my heart, my heart will always be here.” He taps his fingers lightly on her chest, resting them there and rubbing in a small circle as he spies the smile on Freya’s lips.

You will not be disappointed with this book. I would recommend You can purchase your copy at the following places