Thomas ( Le Beau Brothers) by V.A. Dold ♥ 5 Star Review


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Title : Thomas Book 4

Series : Le Beau Brothers

Gene: Paranormal Romance

Author: V.A. Dold




Julia is happy with her place in the shifter community as the owner of the famous shifter bar, The Backwater. But the life she’s created for herself isn’t enough to satisfy her crazy-ass mother, Lucinda, who shops her and her sister Krystal around to the pure blood shifters like a piece of meat. Only a born shifter mate is good enough for her girls.

Thomas James has his hands full as the shifter king’s head of security. He certainly wasn’t looking for a girlfriend during the first annual shifter gathering. He had the king and queen to protect, not skirts to chase.

A childhood of emotional and physical abuse by his birth father has left Thomas emotionally unavailable and uninterested in romantic relationships. His father Tim’s cruelty to his mother and brother molded him into an extremely protective person. No one messes with his loved ones without answering to him.

Even though Julia and Thomas are destined to be mates. The obstacles standing between them and their happy ever after seem insurmountable.

Lucinda insists Julia stay away from the filthy human.

Tim is trying to kill everyone Thomas loves.

The mysterious Benevolent Sovereign who is trying to over through the throne, has sent swampers attack Thomas and destroy Julia’s lively hood.

With family like theirs, who needs enemies?

Will Julia and Thomas’s happiness be snuffed out before it has a chance to begin or will they forge through – obstacles be damned.



Thomas is part of the La Beau Bother’s series that I have fallen head over heels for this series.  I’m not one that will normally pick up a paranormal romance, but when I was first offered to read Cade for an honest review I figured why not. Now I can’t stay away from the series.

You are taken in to a real place with real events that happened but they have twist to them.  Julia a bar owner who is happy where she is in life, she also happens to be a wolf shifter.  Her mom not so happy she wants her daughters to find their mates and is doing everything she can to make that happen.  Thomas is the son of Ann who is married to Cade. Thomas has come to live with the family and is now head of security for his grandfather who is King of the shifter wolfs.  Thomas is not looking for a relationship as far as he is concerned they don’t exist. Growing up with an abusive father has given him this mind set, that is till Julia walks in his life and knocks him on his butt.

I have enjoyed every book in this series. You are pulled in and held with baited suspense. Thomas story is told with different points of views, which I always enjoy getting a glimpse in to the other persons thoughts. I loved Julia’s personality she is one that loves all and gives everything she can to help others. Thomas is a protector by nature, willing to fight for those he loves.  You bring these two together and they fly off the page at you. You want nothing more than to see them together.

Thomas is a 5 star book.



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 V.A.Dold is the bestselling author of the Le Beau Brothers series, New Orleans wolf shifter novels. A graduate of Saint Cloud University, she majored in marketing. Prior to becoming a full time writer, she was a publicist to the authors, owning ARC Author & Reader Con’s. Still is.
Her idea of absolute heaven is a day in the French Quarter filled with nothing but her computer, her coffee mug and the Brothers, of course.
A Minnesota native with her heart lost to Louisiana, she has a penchant for titillating tales featuring sexy men and strong women. When she’s not writing, she’s probably taking in a movie, reading or traveling.
Her earliest reading memories are from grade school. She had a major fixation with horses, and the Black Stallion was a favorite. Then junior high came along and teenage hormones kicked in. It became all about the Harlequin Romances. She has been hooked on romances ever since.




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Simon by V.A. Dold ♥ Book Tour




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Author: V.A. Dold
Release Date: July 1st 2014
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NOTE: Complete novel. No
cliffhanger. Dual POV. Rated 18+ for language and strong sexual
content. This is an adult paranormal romance with erotic content. The
series centers on Billionaire Wolf Shifters with plus sized BBW for
mates. It also includes vampires, voodoo priestess, a Marine, and magic.
These are stand alone books that create a series. They do not need to
be read in order.

Four years of honorably serving his country has
left Simon, Cade’s younger brother, damaged and trapped in wolf form.
Little did he know the only person with the ability to heal him
completely would be found at home. Literally. Now that he’s found her,
he is desperate to claim her.

Rose is a beautiful, voluptuous
woman with limited experience with men. Although she’s confident, she
still has reservations. Never having a family of her own, her fear of
abandonment has her fleeing romantic relationships, and doubting

Travis is insane. A deadly loose cannon that a secret
organization hired to destroy the Le Beau family by denying them their
mates. Permanently.

Simon’s dream will be lost forever unless he is able to maintain human form.
Rose needs unconditional love and a mate to create the family she’s always wanted.
Travis’s all-consuming drive is to take Rose for himself.
Simon ever be whole again, able to claim his mate, giving Rose the love
and family she so desperately craves? Or will Travis destroy them both?

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She looked at him over her
shoulder. His blue eyes seared her with heat.
The intensity of his stare made
her shiver. Lifting one hand, he laid his
fingers against the blush of her cheek. Then he wrapped his arms around her from behind. He buried his
nose in her hair and let his wolf rumble in satisfaction. “I’m ready to show
you off at Julia’s whenever you are.”

me check my face and hair. It’ll only take a minute.” She returned a few
minutes later looking amazing.

hair was pulled back in a fashionable messy bun. A single strand was left loose
to fall down the side of her face to the tip of her breast. He longed to follow
that strand to its destination, scrape his teeth against her nipple and inhale
her precious scent.

was without a doubt the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen in his life. Rose
placed her arms around his neck, and he relished how her warmth seeped into his

may have to change my mind, you look too good, and I’ll be forced to kill some
idiot who tries to dance with you.”

rolled her eyes at him and grabbed her purse. “Come on, Romeo, I’m ready for a
boat ride and a turn around the dance floor.”

held her hand as she got into the boat then jumped in and revved the motor.
“I’ll go slow so I don’t mess up your gorgeous hair.” He winked.

blew him a kiss and fluffed her hair dramatically.

going slow it only took twenty minutes to reach the pier serving the bar. He
already heard the music and boisterous patrons. He cut the motor and helped her
exit safely; boats weren’t designed for high heels.

looked up and down the line of boat slips and shoreline. “Where’s her sign?”

doesn’t have one. We’d rather random humans didn’t wonder in. Mates are more
than welcome, but the occasional human to happen upon the bar isn’t very well

led her to an open table. “I’ll get us drinks, would you like wine or a whiskey

whiskey Coke sounds great.” Her eyes were bright with excitement as she checked
out the crowd.

squeezed into an open spot at the bar and waved over his cousin. “Julia! How
are you, cher?”

mon dieu! Simon, it’s so good to see you. I heard you found your mate.”

did.” He gestured to their table. “Rose is seated right there, stop over if you
get a break.”

elle est de toute beauté. You’re a lucky man, cuz.”

I know it.” He grinned. “Can I get a Whiskey Coke and a beer?”


turned his back to the bar to check on Rose. Simon’s breath caught as she
unconsciously moistened her lip with the tip of her pink tongue. That mouth was
made for sin, with its plush lower lip. He imagined her mouth doing wicked
things to a certain part of his anatomy. Blood thrummed in his veins.  Simon turned to inconspicuously adjust
himself, his faded jeans were suddenly way too tight. Her intoxicating scent of
coffee and cinnamon rolls licked at his groin even from across the room. He
wanted to rub himself all over her, saturating her with his scent whenever they
were in public. His wolf wouldn’t be satisfied until they were mated.

at her across the room his blood surged, he imagined her naked on his bed, her
thighs parted in invitation. He lowered his head and tasted her passion. Loving
her long into the night, her excited cries entwining with his hoarse groans as
they made the bed shudder and shake. He shook his head. He really needed to get
control of his randy thoughts. This was date night and he would show her a good
time away from his bed for once. Down boy,
he snarled at his wolf. When he glanced at her again she was snickering and
shaking her head at him. He must be imagining loudly.

you go, no charge, and congratulations, Simon.” Julia rapped her knuckles on
the bar top before she turned her attention to making another customer’s drink.
She was very busy, so he left her to it. He’d barely taken his seat when the
band took the stage for another set. He stood and held his hand out to Rose.
“May I have this dance?”

yes, you may,” she said playing along.

held her close enough to see the sparkles in her blue eyes. He loved the way
her gaze lit up when she was happy. But his wolf itched to see her eyes dazed
with passion as he made love to her, and then sated and sleepy afterwards. For
now holding her on the dance floor would do. Rose’s intoxicating fragrance
surrounded him, teasing his senses. He was in heaven.

cupped her cheek with a large, warm palm. “I’m so happy you moved into our
house, Rose. Having you in my arms makes me the luckiest man in the world.” The
moment she agreed to move to his house he’d called it their home. His glowing blue eyes regarded her with a tenderness
that made her breath hitch.

tightened her arms around his neck, urging his face closer to hers. “I didn’t
want to go back to Anna’s, to an empty bed anymore,” she told him. “If you
really plan to have me as your mate, it only made sense.”

say the word and I’m yours completely. Forever.” He smiled, then dipped his
head, kissed her deeply and nuzzled her.





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Anna James is single again, finally. In her opinion, men are self-centered and will never love her for who she is, a beautiful, plus sized woman. All except the fantasy man that she’s been meeting in her dreams for five years.She just never expected her fantasy to be a real live alpha shifter…Cade Le Beau isn’t what he seems. He’s a billionaire wolf. A Shifter. He laments his missed chance six months ago to meet his fantasy woman in the flesh. Just as his second chance presents itself, his fantasy woman, his mate, is threatened by the local mob boss and her ex-husband. Now, he has forty eight hours to deal with this threat once and for all or chance losing her again.

Is it Anna who’s in danger, or the humans who unwittingly threaten her?

The heat is on the moment they lay eyes on each other. Neither, age, children, horrid ex-husbands, nor mob bosses will stop this love affair.

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