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Rendered Speechless
Rendered Speechless
Marilyn Faith 

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 He loves sex.
She is trying to avoid the male species.
He never cares who he sleeps with.
She is cautious.
Monogamy is a bad word to him.
Monogamy is what she wants.
With her mind saying one thing, and her body saying another, she finds herself wanting to know just what makes this sexy male the attraction women can’t resist.
Just when they thought they reached a common ground, both their pasts resurface, adding complication to the mix of confusion.
Will they have what it takes to survive the storm brewing? 

I grasp her face with my hands, and I kiss her. I kiss her with all the pent up frustration I can muster, shutting up her bullshit. A moan escapes her lips, and I do all I can to steal all of it. That sound was for me, and me alone.

I feel a breeze as the door opens, reminding me that we are not alone. Reluctantly, I let her go, staring down into her dark eyes.

“I would never do anything to jeopardize your job,” I say emphatically.

Dazed, confused eyes stare back into mine before I make my leave. If I stayed any longer, I’d make a spectacle out of the both of us, and though I couldn’t really give a shit about myself, I wouldn’t want that for her.

But, one thing is certain … she will be mine.

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Rendered Speechless By Marilyn Faith ♥ Cover Reveal

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Rendered Speechless
Marilyn Faith
Rendered Speechless


River Callahan loves sex, never caring who he sleeps with. He’s good at it and uses it to his advantage. Women fall into his bed like a moth to a flame and as long as they know the score, he’s game. But things have changed. He wants the new barmaid at his usual hunting spot.

Raine Jagger is newly single and not looking to get entangled with the male species. After packing up and moving from her home in Durham to escape her cheating ex, she finally lands herself a job at a local bar in her new hometown. 
Unbeknownst to her, she has landed on the radar of River Callahan and he is 
not about to take ‘No’ for an answer. River is determined to have Raine, and he always gets what he wants…who he wants.

Day after day, Raine turns River down, determined to not be just another notch in his bedpost.  However, all his advances seem to be wearing her thin. With her mind saying one thing, and her body saying another, she finds herself wanting to know just what makes this sexy male the attraction of every woman in town.

With sexual tension circulating around these two, will they both give in to what their bodies are telling them or will Raine fight it to end? River is up for the challenge. And boy what a challenge she is. She pushes him in all the right ways. But as things start to heat between the two, both of their pasts come back to haunt them, making it all too clear her hesitation to be with someone like him.

Can their affections towards each other survive the storm? Can Raine learn to trust River even though she’s faced with obstacles that suggest she shouldn’t?

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Marilyn Faith loves to watch movies, and goofing around with her husband, and three girls who keeps her on her toes. She’s never without a pen and paper to jot down her ideas and thoughts. Self-publishing has opened the doors for her lifelong dream of being a published author to become a reality. It helps her to bring life to the characters in her head, turning her passion for writing into a reality. Marilyn is the author of The Prince of Highland Park, and Bliss. Her hope is to captive her audience and continues to bring her stories to life. You can look forward to her upcoming novels.


Instagram: marilynfaith1


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