Learing to Fly By Misha Elliott ~ Promo & Review ~ 4 Star Review

Title: Learning to Fly
Author: Misha Elliott
Ronda'sreviewlbThis was a read that I don’t normally read. I could class it in the new adult romance, not a bad thing at all! I normally read contemporary romance which can get a little on the hotter side! I did at first have a had time pulling my self in to the story, to me it seemed like the opening of the book dragged on a little to long. Once I got in to the book I could not put it down. Misha did a wonderful job. She is going to have some wicked talent as she finds her self more and more as an author. Plus she won more over big time with the cliffhanger!!!! LOVED IT!!!
Sophia and Alex had very short time together but in that time they both felt that it was more than just some high school love, it was deeper then just that. Can they make it work and will it last to prove to everyone else that it was more than your typical high school first love! I love how strong Sophia is, most would break under the pressure she has dealt with all her life. Alex is the QB that had a love to the sport and then is forced to live the life that his dad made the mistake of not living.
This story is going to bring to a lot of emotions, you’re going to want to kill some of the people and then your going to fall in love with them. Misha did a great job and I’m looking forward to read Come Fly with Me!!!


Typical isn’t a word you would use to describe Sophia Ann Marshall’s life. Is she the parent? The daughter? The caretaker? Or the one who ruined it all? is there really a white knight that could come rescue her? Sophia’s not so sure anymore. When her mom’s latest breakup and firing causes them to move the summer before her senior year, Sophie is devastated.
Until she meets star QB, Alexander Matthews. Alex is the beginning of all the firsts Sophie has been dreaming of. Moving has turned her life and the life of her mom, around to exactly where she wanted it to be. Everything is great but will the price of happiness be too high? Can she really give up her dream? Why is life always filled with choices?
But he wants her to choose…Will she give him up to follow her dreams, or give up her dreams to follow him…
“One last bit of advice, a woman shouldn’t give up her dreams to follow a guy who isn’t willing to alter his dreams for her.”The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow