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Jagger Reed has a secret that could destroy lives…

And one life that could be destroyed is his disabled brother’s. Jagger is in jail for a crime he didn’t commit, and believes it’s a small price to pay to protect his family.

Rosalind McAllister is the newest creative writing teacher at Arizona State Prison…

Rose is determined to prove herself to her criminal students and not let them break her—like they did the last teacher. But when she meets Jagger Reed, she immediately knows the line between student and teacher could be easily blurred. Tall, intimidating, and way too handsome to be incarcerated, she vows to keep him at a distance.
A creative writing assignment turns into the discovery of Jagger’s innocence…

When Rose reads Jagger’s creative writing piece, she’s both astounded and impressed. His written words call to her, providing a window into his private world. But as the assignment continues, she discovers facts about Jagger’s conviction that change everything.

Determined to piece together clues that leap out from the pages, she finds much more than an articulate prisoner.

How can she save a man who doesn’t want to be saved? And can she stop her heart from getting involved while…
Defending Jagger?


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Excerpt One:

Why him? Why not me? He didn’t ask to be born. None of us had a choice. I see the stares and the looks of pity from strangers. The subtle way eyes linger longer than necessary. Looking but not seeing. Judging. Laughing. It fucking pisses me off that they only notice what’s on the outside and not the mind of a genius or the heart of gold that resides within. Gentle and affectionate. He was born into the wrong body, that’s all. One that can’t communicate the same or function as well. But sit him in front of a piano and he’ll explode with talent, putting most musicians to shame. He owns those keys without any prompting or training of any kind. It’s sheer brilliance to watch. It’s almost like someone else takes over his body, the chords and harmonies perfectly placed and executed.

I wonder if he still gets to do that now. Things have changed. Guilt eats me up like acid. I shouldn’t have left but I had no choice. I’d do it all again. I protect the ones I love.

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Excerpt Two:

I brought a shaky hand to my forehead to wipe the droplets of perspiration that had begun to fall with his incoming approach.

“You can’t be in here. The lesson is over. Please leave.” My voice was unconvincing, even to me.

“What’s the matter, sweetheart? I can see your heart battering against your chest under that flimsy blouse. Do I frighten you?” He was in my space. Too close.

Frighten wasn’t necessarily the verb I would have used. Unravel was more accurate.

“What did you say to the guard to get him to leave? Did you bribe him?”

My ass was backed into the edge of the desk. He towered over me, sheet of paper in hand.

“Bribe? Me? Why sweetness, what do you take me for?” His mouth was slightly parted, tongue loitering just inside. I wasn’t sure where to look. His eyes would kill me so I remained focused on his ridiculously sensual mouth, trying to mentally warn my hormones to back the hell off.

“You’re a criminal. I know your game. Bribes are rife everywhere.”

“Would you believe me if I told you I just wanted to hand you this without watchful eyes because it’s…kind of private?”

“Why should I believe anything you have to say?” Did I even verbalize that or was it in my head?

I couldn’t tell if I was up, down, sideways, or even still breathing. I must have been respiring because my nose caught a whiff of something decadent. I was a sucker for the just-showered smell and Jag had that. Hints of soap with subtle deodorant, mixed in with a fragrant shampoo. My senses were on overdrive, turning me into a disastrous puddle of desire.

Lowering his head to my ear, he inhaled before grating out, “Maybe not everyone’s guilty.”

His breath whispered over the delicate skin of my lobe, my eyes closing, hoping for some sort of contact. God. What was wrong with me? He was hunched over me, his heat, scent, and dangerous energy curling and swirling, luring me into a delirious vortex. My breath hitched, waiting on edge. And then he turned on his heels and strode out, not looking back, leaving me a puddle of wrongful desire.

I pictured his back and ass flexing and releasing as he left me with nothing but a gentle, lingering scent and lewd thoughts.

Taking a moment to compose myself, my eyes found the sheet of paper he had inconspicuously placed on the table beside me.

Excerpt Three:

Beautiful. Was that even a word meant to describe a man? A criminal? Ever since he’d confidently strolled into my classroom, I’d been searching for the right adjective. Catching indiscreet glances now that he was writing, painted a picture. Tall enough to be intimidating. Broad enough across the shoulders to provide protection. An intriguing face with both hard and soft lines. Clearly defined lips that seemed way too supple for their own good. An imperfect nose with a hint of a bump on the bridge that began where two of the most startling eyes I’d ever seen, sat.

They were neither blue nor green but somewhere in between, blended perfectly to create a unique masterpiece. Small black irises lent themselves to an abundance of arresting color that would take any artist great skill to replicate, should they care to paint his portrait.

Edgy and dangerous had no place in my world. And yet…the very masculine, gorgeous package I couldn’t keep my eyes off had certainly gained my attention. The words, ‘save him’ niggled at the edge of my psyche. While I wanted to save everyone, he stood out from the crowd. A low hum of desire flared up at the junction of my thighs, causing me to clench my legs. There was no way I was going to show my vulnerability and especially not my arousal. That would set off the whole classroom.


Meet The Author…

Amanda Mackey

I am married and a mother of two beautiful children, living in sunny Queensland, Australia. I’ve been reading books ever since I can remember and love all things related to books. Writing has become an extension of that and I hope to pursue a full time writing career. I currently write part-time and work as a remedial massage therapist. I love spending time with family and hope to one day travel to Italy and England.

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