Gabriel’s Treasure (Wheels & Hogs) By D.M. Earl ♥ Release Blitz



Title: Gabriel’s Treasure (Wheels & Hogs Book Three)

Author: D.M. Earl

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: July 2015



Gabriel “Doc” Murphy found the woman he’d planned to treasure for the rest of his life in a young, shy girl he had seen being bullied in a hallway between classes when they were just kids. Over the years, Doc loved and protected her with all he had, until the day came when he received news that there was something that could take her away from him…Cancer. Being faced with the possibility of losing the love of his life, Doc would turn the world inside-out to save and keep the only love that could shatter him, body and soul, if he couldn’t save her.

Fern knew the instant she fell into Gabriel’s arms all those years ago, that she had found her “one and only.” He became her everything-owning her heart and soul. As they made it through their life journey together, nothing could tear their unbreakable bond. Life struggles, financial losses, and even devastating miscarriages didn’t stand a chance until the day she received the phone call that finally shattered their world to the core, leaving Fern preparing for the fight of her life.

As Doc and Fern struggle through each day, praying for a miracle, one presents itself. Do they dare have hope, or do they accept that the fight is over as a dark shadow waits patiently to make a move to alter their lives forever.


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Holding hand of a sick loved one in hospital bed


Young passionate couple making love in bed

Young passionate couple making love in bed


“Dee that aside I need that promise. Without me Gabriel only has “The Horde” and I need to know in my heart that if something does happen you will watch out for him, support him and eventually help him to move on and continue living. Knowing him he will lock down and let his life pass him by and I don’t want that. So here and now please give me your word that you will make sure he truly lives and not only exists. He deserves to have love and have a family in his life if it is with me or someone else eventually.”

She slowly turns away from me for a minute trying to compose herself and softly replies to my request.

“Fern the last thing I want to think about is you not being here and Gabriel moving on but if that is what you want then I will promise you that if the unthinkable happens I will honor your wishes and support Gabriel in his time of need. OK?”

I just shake my head.

Holding hand of a sick loved one in hospital bed



Young sensual couple during romantic evening

About The Author


D.M. Earl resides in Northwest Indiana. An avid reader for many many years she has finally taken the jump to start writing her own stories professionally. When not reading or writing D.M can be found on her Harley Dyna hitting the road beside her husband riding his own Harley Ultra Classic.

D.M. enjoys her “kids” 4 dogs, 2 indoor cats & 3 outdoor cats. D.M. loves to be outside be it reading, writing or sitting on the deck listening to the chimes with the dogs at her feet. Also her love of gardening is reflected in numerous flower beds and a large vegetable garden.

Connelly’s Horde is her first published work released July 3, 2014. This is a Novella in her series Wheels & Hogs.

She is currently working on Book 2 Cadence Reflection which will publish on November 6, 2014.

Please check out her Author pages at:

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Wheels & Hog’s Series

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