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Title: Always Forever (Sometimes Never, #4)

Author: Cheryl McIntyre

Publication Date: July 22, 2014





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I have to let you all in on a little secret, this was the first book in this series that I read; with that said I love it! I didn’t feel like I missed a second of the story with starting with the 4th book. I do recommend that you read the others first just because I know they have to be good and will give you a little more background in to the whole story. You’re not going to have a moment that you feel like putting this book down. It’s nonstop fun. I love how strong Cheryl has made both Misty and Kellin both quick witted but in touch with their softer side too. 

If you love a lite heart read that has just enough twist to keep you on your toes you’ll love this book! 


Looking forward to reading more from this series! 


“Will you marry me?”

Most women would love for Luke Walters to ask that question. But when Misty Handlin can’t seem to find the right answer, Luke offers a new proposal.

“Go sow your wild oats this summer, then give me your answer.”

Knowing she’s struggling with the unanswered questions regarding her first love, Misty decides to do just that. Maybe some time with the man who stole her heart all those years ago will finally quell whatever is holding her back from Luke.

Kellin Patel was forced to leave Misty behind when he was twelve years old. While the U-Haul pulled away from the only place that felt like a home, he wasn’t sure if he’d see her again. As the years went by, and time never seemed to be on his side, he finally began to accept he would never have another chance with Misty.

Now, all grown up, Misty is back and looking for one last wild summer with Kellin. Though their lives have continued to move in opposite directions, they’ll realize one thing has Always remained the same: They’ve both been holding on to the memory of first love and unspoken regret.

Who will Misty choose to spend Forever with?

*This is a New Adult novel. Recommended for 17+.
Always Forever is a companion novel to Sometimes Never, but can be read as a stand-alone book.

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I drop onto the couch, leaning against the arm. “Where’s Roh?” I ask as I empty my pockets of the suckers I stole from Hope’s giant candy dish. Choosing a red one, I rip the wrapper free and place it on my tongue. The sweet flavor registers and I make a small appreciative sound.

Kellin lowers himself beside me, getting comfortable. “Don’t know. Don’t care.” He grips the end of the sucker stick, surprising me when he tugs it from my mouth and slides it into his own.

It takes me a moment to register how incredibly sexy I find this. I realize my mouth is still hanging open and snap it closed. “Well that was rude.” I try for playful, but my voice sounds coarse and breathy because Kellin’s words replay in my head—I’m not hitting on you. Trust me, there’ll be no doubt in your mind when I do that.

His eyebrows rise as he grins around the sucker. “You’re right.” He pulls it from his lips, holding it out to me. “Sorry. You can have it back.”

There are ten other suckers sitting on the table, three of which are the same exact flavor. I could just as easily take one of those. But I don’t.

Right here. This is when I reach my breaking point. I sweep my hair to one shoulder and lean forward, wrapping my mouth around the sucker and gently pulling it from his hand.

“Thanks,” I say softly.

Kellin swallows, the sound audible in the otherwise quiet room. His tongue skims his bottom lip. His hands curl into fists. “I think I want it back,” he utters.

I tilt my head, blinking slowly. “What will you give me for it?”

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Sometimes Never series

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About the Author

cheryl mcintyre1

Cheryl McIntyre is the author of Sometimes Never, Blackbird ( a Sometimes Never novella), Before Now, Long After, the Dirty novella series, and the YA paranormal romance, Dark Calling.

Facebook | Website | Goodreads | Twitter | Amazon Author Page



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