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Release Tour ~ Twisted Beauty ~  Kristen Flood  
Author ~ Kristen Flood  
 Book ~ Twisted Beauty 
Event Date – 7th – 14th April
Hosted by Hooked on books & Cherry0Blossoms Promotions
Cover info:
The cover was painted by Jessicca Boyer, my favorite
illustrator. She also did the illustrations in my poetry book, The Museum: A
collection of Dark Poetry.
Twisted Beauty Kindle cover




author of Seeking Incandescence and The Museum, pens a riveting adult romance
with a poignant examination of love, identity, and forgiveness. 


Once the powerful prince of Renol, William is a shell of the man he once was.
Living under the curse of a powerful witch, William has spent 100 years making
deals on her behalf and mourning the loss of his first love.
Belle has spent her life confined within the limits of her city, Paylor, and is
now bound to a man she does not love. When she dares to venture outside the
city’s gates in search of something she’s lost, she finds more than she ever
As Belle and William embark on a journey of love and mourning, passion and
forgiveness, they discover that sometimes what we lose isn’t as important as
what we find.
Twisted Beauty APRIL 7th
Twisted Beauty t2
“Beauty and the Beast with a Twist”
                “What if you and I made a deal?” Belle did not face him. She worried she might faint
if saw the sword she knew he held by his side.
                “I don’t think you have anything more valuable than your life.” His breath was
warm against the back of her neck.
                “But that’s exactly what I could give you.” When he didn’t respond, she turned to
face him, keeping her eyes on his, not daring to look at his hands. “You need a
servant to take care of your house and cook. I could be that in exchange for
the 1,400 I need to pay the debt.”
                She could see him thinking about it, his golden eyes flickering in the candle
                “I would be obedient.” He did not respond right away. “I could do whatever you
wanted, whenever you wanted.”
                “For how long?” he asked. She heard him put his sword on the table.
                “Until my death. A life debt.”
                “You wouldn’t be able to marry. What would I tell your betrothed?”
                “The dead can’t marry anyway.”
                “It takes two things to make a deal.”
                “Vale more tae lan, mi Ven.” Belle whispered, ‘tell me what you want, my Lord.’
                “In exchange for your debt, I will take you as my servant. You will be obedient and loyal to me.”
                “Of course.”
                “And as  a symbol of your loyalty, I will take a kiss.”
                “As you wish, my Lord.”
                Belle closed her eyes and leaned in to kiss him. His lips brushed gently against
hers, just as the golden light hit the room, the sun brushing a red tint through her hair.
                When she pulled away, she grabbed her chest. It felt as if someone had wrapped a hand around her heart, squeezing tightly, and then the feeling was gone.
                “Giving yourself to someone is one of the most powerful deals you can make. That feeling was your fate being tied to mine.”


Kristen Flood is a YA science fiction author and poet. At
twenty-two, Kristen published her first book, 
The Museum: A Collection of Dark
Poetry. Now twenty-three, she has released her second book, Seeking
Incandescence. Kristen lives in Missouri with her husband and son. 
When she’s
not writing or chasing her toddler she spends her time cramming for tests and
turning in assignments, last minute at the University of Missouri St.
Kristen plans to release two books this year but until then she is just trying
to get through finals.



Hooked on Books and Cherry Blooms



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