Redemption By Samantha Harrington ♥ Cover Reveal



Redemption Cover Reveal Banner


Cover Reveal – Redemption: The Volkov Mafia Series book 4 by

Samantha Harrington

Book – Redemption

Author – Samantha Harrington

Cover Model Stefan Northfield

Photographer Max Ellis

Cover Design Francessca Webster

Cover Reveal – 20th June

Hosted by Hooked on books & Cherry0Blossoms Promotions







Guilt eats away at your soul. Pride makes you foolish. I

want to be more for her.

Scared to try and petrified of failure.

She came into my life showing more fight and courage than

anyone I had ever meet.

Through my wrong doings, she was saved!

As time goes by, she brands herself on my heart.

I have to walk away, I have to say goodbye.

But having her once will never be enough.

Redemption comes at a price and I’m just scared that’s it’s

going to be Emma!




 ❤  ❤ 


I am a mum to six wonderful children, and married to an

amazing man who supports my dream to write.


I wouldn’t say that I wanted to be a writer from when I was little.

I only really started reading often when I had baby number five, as he was born

very early and spent thirteen weeks in special care. It was then that I

discovered my love for reading.

From then on, I was hooked. I read all types of romance books.

It dawned on me that I wanted to be more than a mum/reader/blogger. I wanted to

write, as I have a very active imagination, so I put pen to paper.


I wrote my first book, Obsession, this year and I am super excited to say that

it will be published on the 29/09/2015.


Coincidentally, this is my thirtieth birthday (at least I won’t forget the day

my first book went live).


I write romance – contemporary, dark and erotic.


I like to write about loss, pain and love, and

what it’s like to fight for your happy ever after.






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