Skilled ( Skilled) By S. Reynolds ♥ Release Blitz


Title: Skilled

Series: Skilled: Serial Series (Book 1)
Author: S. Reynolds

Release Date: June 3, 2015

Genre: Crime Romance


He’s Armed…She’s Dangerous



Chloe Justice grew up on American
soil and in Old World China. When she witnesses her best friend’s murder, her
life takes a drastic turn. Chloe dedicates her life to tracking her friend’s
killer, and honing her own skills.



Detective Damon Delandre’ is having
zero luck closing the homicide cases crossing his desk. When he unexpectedly
stumbles upon the first and only piece of evidence in one of his cases, his
ethics and heart are at odds.
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            “Do you know her?” Damon asked but
he never looked away from the girl.
but I know she can ride. And won a lot of money.” Devin smiled and held up a
wad of cash. Damon would bet it was at least two thousand dollars.
give it to her.” Damon grabbed the money out of Devon’s hand and headed toward
the girl.
man, give the rest of us a chance, dude.” Damon ignored him and jumped off of
the platform. He stepped up on her right side just out of eye sight.
winnings.” When she turned to face him, he got a good look at her up close. She
had green eyes, jet black hair that was wet from her helmet and bronze skin.
tank top was damp from sweat and clung to her torso. He could see the outline
of her breasts under her bra and her waist was small, emphasizing her ass and
hips. She had long legs but she was petite enough to where he could pick her
up, throw her over his shoulder and carry her off with one arm. Caveman thinking, Damon.
you going to stare all night or give me my money?” Damon blinked. He looked
down at the hand she was holding out waiting for him to hand her the money.
When he looked up at her face, she had a small smile.
not done staring yet.” She actually blushed.
can hand over my winnings or I can take them from you. Your choice.” She tilted
her head to the side just a little. Yeah,
that would be fun.
take option two, after I buy you a drink. You know, to celebrate you winning.”
Damon could tell everyone near them was watching and listening, but he didn’t
care. He crossed his arms over his chest, money still in hand.


About the Author




Stephanie is a new indie author who loves to write. She lives in West Virginia with her 2 children and dog. Stephanie lives in West Virginia with her two children and dog. She has visited a few states and loves to travel, however she is more of a homebody and she loves to curl up with a good book and get lost in another world.

She has a BS in Criminal Justice and has spent her years reading about and exploring the mind.
Her long time goals are to be a Criminal Profiler and to write her stories. She is now completing one of those goals.
She has her Special Operations Command Series, Book 1 & 2 out and 3 is on its way. Her novella, Skilled: Book 1 is now out and 2 is on its way.
She will have many books available soon, including a fantasy series requested by her daughter.
She loves feedback and to hear from fans so send her an email with your thoughts!
Social Links
Twitter – @authorsreynolds
Instagram – S.Reynolds_Books
Website – (Sign up for my
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