Havoc By Autumn Grey ♥ Release Day Blitz & Review

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Havoc (Havoc #1) by Autumn Grey Amazon Kindle Cover
HAVOC (Havoc #1) by Autumn Grey
Genre(s): Adult, Interracial Romance, Erotic Suspense
Published: December 2nd 2014
Havoc - Synopsis
Selene Michaels is determined to never let anyone make her feel inferior again. After a painful divorce, she finds herself in Paris on a working holiday, hopeful that this will be the opportunity she has been waiting for. She intends to have fun and maybe find someone to flirt with; someone who will show her a good time, treat her right, and awaken her to all she has been missing. What she does not expect to find is Remington St. Germain and his adorable son, Adrien.
Remington is intense, devastatingly hot and a Prince Charming on the outside, but a dirty talking, insatiable devil behind closed doors—the opposite of the man she has been hoping for—and not the type to give up on something that he wants. Selene soon realizes that life with Remington is not only interesting, but adventurous. It’s dangerous, and she’s about to find out how dangerous. . . if she is brave enough to take a chance.
**Havoc is the first instalment of a three-part serial, each approximately 36000 words. (110 pages)
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Havoc - My Review

This is one fast fun hot read! You are swept off to the land of love with this adventure. Selene just going through the worst time of her life she finds herself pulling thing back together on a business trip to Paris. She has worked her butt off the last two years after the heartache of her failed marriage and has returned to modeling. Remington is a man to not be messed with, he is strong and passionate. He knows what he wants and goes after it. Once he sets his sights on Selene he knows he has to have her. They take off on a very funny and testing of wills way.

This is a great light read that plays with some of your emotions. You’ll be laughing, ready to kill, and just feel at ease. I personally really enjoy this short light read! I am looking forward to more of Selene and Remington story.

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Havoc Author Bio
Autumn Grey is the author of the newly released contemporary romance, Havoc, Obliterate, Mend (Havoc series). And just like her characters, she is quirky, sometimes funny and definitely flawed. She writes sexy contemporary romances full of drama, steamy kisses and happy ever afters.
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